IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement
Special Issue on Biometric Instrumentation and Measurement

Biometrics is a growing and important applications area receiving
significant interest as a result of the criticality and the social
impact of its applications. In addition, the increasing worldwide
interest in security makes biometrics even more valuable and
desirable, from many perspectives including its theory, technologies,
design methodologies, and applications. The constituencies that may
benefit from this ever growing field include academia, industry,
government, and the general public.

To create a biometric system various issues need to be studied in a
comprehensive and integrated way: from sensing to measurement
procedures, from signal analysis and interpretation to quality
assessment, from feature extraction to classification and analysis,
from knowledge creation to extraction, and much more. Integration and
cooperative combination are other key aspects of biometrics

This special issue is focused on publishing original papers that
address instrumentation and measurement aspects of the design,
implementation and applications of biometrics. The detailed call for
papers is available at

The submission period is February 15 - March 1, 2009. Notification of
final acceptance is expected by June 30, 2009 and publication in
December 2009.

Guest Editors of this special issue are: Fabio Scotti, University of
Milan, Italy; David Zhang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong
Kong; Evangelia Micheli-Tzanakou, Rutgers University, USA

Questions about the special issue should be directed to Dr. Fabio Scotti