Future Generation Computer System: Special Section on Trusting Software
Behavior, 3rd Quarter, 2011 (Submission Due 15 October 2010)

Guest Editor: Gyungho Lee (Korea University, Korea)

With proliferation of computing in virtually every aspect of modern
society (i.e., smart grid, robotic surgery systems, smart phones, etc),
trusting software behavior goes with much more profound side effects
beyond mere malfunctioning of the system. Trustworthiness of software
behavior that controls such critical systems and devices is an essential
aspect we need to measure, evaluate and establish. With bugs and
intentional compromises through the process of software design,
development, deployment and use, software behavior trustworthiness is
shaky in terms of empirical basis as well as in terms of theoretical

This special section in a forthcoming issue of the Future Generation
Computer System (FGCS) journal is to put together the current state-of-the
art in measuring, evaluating and fostering trustworthiness for software
behavior in diverse contexts of modern and future computing environment.
Original technical articles are solicited in all aspects of Trusting
Software Behavior. Topics for this special section include, but are not
limited to:

-  Definitions of and measures for software trustworthiness

-  Approaches on evaluation of software trustworthiness

-  Techniques and software tools to enhance software trustworthiness

-  Trust management

-  Architecture support for enhancing software trustworthiness

-  Case studies performed on industrial systems

For more information please see http://ees.elsevier.com/fgcs