The 2010 Workshop on RFID Security, Singapore, February 22-23, 2010.
 RFIDsec'10 Asia
 Submissions due 9 October 2009

 RFIDSec is the earliest workshop devoted to security and
 privacy issues in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

Starting in 2005, RFIDSec has been organized as a series of workshops
 held in Graz (2005/06), Malaga (2007), Budapest (2008), and Leuven
 (2009). RFIDSec aims to bridge the gap between cryptographic
 researchers and RFID developers through invited talks and contributed
 presentations.  The RFIDSec Asia workshop is aligned with RFIDSec,
 and in 2010, the Workshop on RFID Security 2010 Asia (RFIDsec '10
 Asia) will be hosted at the Singapore Management University, which is
 the second edition of the series of workshops held in Asia followed
 by RFIDsec'09 Asia in Taipei (2009). 

RFIDsec '10 Asia is to provide a major forum to address the
 fundamental issues in theory and practice related to security and
 privacy issues, designs, standards, and case studies in the
 development of RFID systems and EPCglobal network.

    - New applications for secure RFID systems
    - Data protection and privacy-enhancing techniques for RFID
    - Cryptographic protocols for RFID
    - Authentication protocols
    - Key update mechanisms
    - Scalability issues
    - Integration of secure RFID systems
    - Middleware and security
    - Public-key infrastructures
    - Resource-efficient implementation of cryptography
    - Small-footprint hardware
    - Low-power architectures
    - Attacks on RFID systems such as RFID malwares
    - RFID security hardware such as RFID with PUF
    - Trust model, data protection and sharing for EPCglobal  Network 

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