RFID Privacy Workshop at MIT 2003
November 15th, 2003
Bartos Theater
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sponsored in part by the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence 


Issues surrounding the use and deployment of RFID technology are
quickly moving from business needs to the political. Technologists
have created remote identification technology, but does the public
want it? Last year, Benetton withdrew its plan to put RFID chips into
some clothing after activists garnered international attention by
pointing out that Benetton was about to deploy a technology without
thinking through the privacy implications.

A lot is being said about RFID. Some of the criticism is dead-on
target; other critique relies on scenarios that are technically
impossible. Meanwhile, some complaints that appear to be focused on
RFID are actually criticisms about other technologies and business
practices.  The goal of the RFID Privacy Workshop is to bring together RFID
technologists, boosters, critics, privacy advocates, and journalists
covering the space to establish some technical truths and a framework
for discussing the policy issues.  

Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM 
Date: Saturday, November 15th, 2003 
Location: Bartos Theater MIT Media Lab

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Session One: Keynotes

   1. Welcome & Introduction
   2. Futurist Keynote - what can the technology deliver to society for 2010?
   3. Business Keynote - what problems will RFID solve in 2005-6
   4. Privacy Keynote - what is the best way to safeguard privacy concerns? 

Session Two: Technology

   1. Technology Background
   2. Readers and Tags Today and Tomorrow
   3. Applications in the field today 

Lunch Break
Session Three: Reality Check

   1. The Physics of RFID
   2. Cryptography and RFID 

Session Four: Finding Balance

   1. Regulatory environment
   2. To Kill or not to Kill (Identification after purchase ...)
   3. Beyond Kill 

Detailed session topics.
Call for Participation!

We are solicitating papers that explore the interaction of RFID
technology and public policy. Papers will be reviewed and will appear
in the workshop proceedings. A limited number of paper authors will be
invited to present their papers to the workshop. We are also
solicitating proposals for presentations that are not accompanied by
formal papers.

To submit a paper or ask a question, please email workshop@rfidprivacy.org

Key Dates:

    * September 15, 2003: Deadline for submission of draft papers 
	(1-10 pages), presentation and demo proposals.
    * October 1st: Notification of accepted papers and presentations.
    * November 1st: Final deadline for papers. 

All papers must be submitted in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) or HTML form.
Confirmed Speakers

Watch this space.
Organizing Committee

    * Simson L. Garfinkel,* Workshop Chair, MIT CSAIL.
    * Henry Holtzman,* Programming Committee Chair, MIT Media Laboratory
    * Kevin Ashton, Director, Auto-ID Center
    * Ari Juels, RSA Laboratories
    * Ronald L. Rivest, Professor, MIT CSAIL
    * Prof. Sanjay Sarma, Associate Professor, MIT Department of 
	Mechanical Engineering and Research Director, Auto-ID Center
    * Stephen A. Weis,* MIT Cryptography and Information Security Group 

* Member of the programming committee

Register online.

The workshop will have a fee of $40 to cover food and incidental costs.

We're making arrangements with a local hotel to get a special rate.

Please feel free to e-mail any questions or comments to

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