2nd International Workshop in  Quantitative Aspects in Security Assurance 
             Affiliated workshop with ESORICS 2013
              (Sept. 12-13 2013 RHUL, Egham, U.K.)

                   Preliminary call for papers

There is an increasing demand for techniques to deal with quantitative 
aspects of security  assurance at several levels of the development 
life-cycle of  systems & services, e.g., from requirements elicitation 
to run-time operation and maintenance. The aim of this workshop is to 
bring together researchers and practitioners interested in these 
research topics with a particular emphasis  techniques for service 
oriented architectures. The scope of the workshop, is intended to be 
broad, including aspects as dependability, privacy, risk and trust.

The list of topics includes, but it is not limited to:
 .    Probabilistic/stochastic model checking
 .    Quantitative information flow analysis
 .    Quantitative issues in access and usage control
 .    Security testing techniques
 .    Static/dynamic code analysis techniques
 .    Metrics for security, trust and privacy
 .    Incremental/modular security assurance analysis
 .    Process compliance assurance techniques
 .    Tool support for quantitative security assurance
 .    Simulation techniques
 .    Model-driven techniques for security, trust, risk  and privacy
 .    Assurance cases modelling and analysis

Submission dates:
Submission: June  5 2013
Notification: Jun 30 2013

Workshop organizers:
Boris Köpf, IMDEA Software Institute
Fabio Martinelli, CNR
Flemming Nielson, DTU

PC members:
Alessandro Aldini, U. of Urbino
Rainer Böhme, U. of Münster
Michael Clarkson, George Washington University
Jorge Cuellar, SIEMENS
Frédéric Cuppens, ENST-Bretagne
Felicita Di Giandomenico, CNR
Chris Hankin, ICL
Maritta Heisel, U. of Duisburg-Essen
Javier Lopez, U. of Malaga
Heiko Mantel, U. of Darmstadt
Cathy Meadows, NRL
Tyler Moore, Southern Methodist University
Charles Morisset, U. of Newcastle
Catuscia Palamidessi,  INRIA
William H. Sanders, U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Pierangela Samarati, U. of Milan
Reijo Savola, VTT
Riccardo Scandariato, KUL
Ketil Stoelen, SINTEF
Lorenzo Strigini, City London University
Neeraj Suri, TU Darmstadt
Carmela Troncoso, Gradient

The program consists of invited speakers as well as of submitted papers. 
The workshop proceedings will be available in electronic format and a 
special journal issue is planned.

Email: qasa2013@iit.cnr.it