1.    ICICS 2013: The 15th International Conference on Information and
      Communications Security
2.    Conferences Dates: November 20-22, 2013
3.    Submission Due: May 6, 2013
4.    Place: Beijing, China
5.    Conference Webpage: http://icsd.i2r.a-star.edu.sg/icics2013/



The 2013 International Conference on Information and Communications Security
will be the 15th event in the ICICS conference series, started in 1997, that
brings together individuals involved in multiple disciplines of Information
and Communications Security in order to foster exchange of ideas.


Among the preceding conferences, ICICS97 took place in Beijing, China,
ICICS99 in Sydney, Australia, ICICS2001 in Xi'an, China, ICICS2002 in
Singapore, ICICS2003 in Huhehaote city, China, ICICS2004 in Malaga, Spain,
ICICS2005 in Beijing, China, ICICS2006 in Raleigh, NC, USA, ICICS2007 in
Zhengzhou, China, ICICS2008 in Birmingham, UK, ICICS2009 in Beijing, China,
ICICS2010 in Barcelona, Spain, ICICS2011 in Beijing, China, and ICICS2012 in
Hong Kong. The proceedings were releases as Volumes 1334, 1726, 2229, 2513,
2836, 3269, 3783, 4307, 4861, 5308, 5927, 6476, 7043, and 7618 of the LNCS
series of Springer, respectively.


ICICS 2013 will be co-organized by Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of
Sciences, School of Software and Microelectronics, Peking University and
Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore, sponsored by the National
Natural Science Foundation of China.


The Proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag in their Lecture Notes
in Computer Science series, and will be available at the conference. At
least one author of each accepted paper should register the conference and
give presentation at the conference.


Original papers on all aspects of Information and Communications Security
are solicited for submission to ICICS 2013. Areas of interest include, but
are not limited to:


- Access control    

- Information Hiding and Watermarking

- Anonymity   

- Intellectual Property Protection

- Anti-Virus and Anti-Worms        

- Intrusion Detection

- Authentication and Authorization      

- Key Management and Key Recovery

- Biometric Security      

- Language-based Security

- Cloud Security    

- Network Security

- Computer / Digital Forensics    

- Operating System Security

- Data and System Integrity        

- Privacy Protection

- Database Security     

- Risk Evaluation and Security Certification

- Distributed Systems Security   

- Security for Mobile Computing

- Electronic Commerce Security 

- Security Models

- Engineering issues of Crypto/Security Systems    

- Security Protocols

- Fraud Control     

- Smartphone Security

- Grid Security      

- Trusted and Trustworthy Computing