Handbook of Research on Secure Multimedia Distribution
http://www.igi-pub.com/requests/details.asp?ID=224  To be published by
IGI Global, Edited by Dr. Shiguo Lian, and Dr. Yan Zhang (Proposal
Submissions due 15 September 2007, Full chapter due 31 January 2008)

The book will provide the latest research results on secure multimedia
content distribution. It will embrace a wide variety of aspects of the
related subject areas and provide a scientifically and scholarly sound
treatment of state-of-the-art techniques to students, researchers,
academics, personnel of law enforcement and IT/multimedia
practitioners who are interested or involved in the study, research,
use, design and development of techniques related to multimedia
distribution. Contributions to this important publication will be made
by scholars throughout the world with notable research portfolios and

Recommended topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
   Multimedia encoding and decoding
   Multimedia communication: broadcasting, multicasting, IPTV, P2P
       content sharing, etc.
   Wireless multimedia
   Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
   Multimedia encryption
   Digital watermarking
   Digital fingerprinting
   Perceptual hash
   Steganography and Steganalysis
   Digital forensics
   Secure multimedia streaming
   Secure multimedia transcoding
   Traitor tracing
   Visual cryptography
   Secret sharing
   Key management
   Security in wireless multimedia transmission
   Access control system
   Digital rights management (DRM) system for broadcasting, IPTV or home
   DRM for P2P content distribution
   DRM for DVD
   Business model for multimedia distribution (pay-per-view,
        pay-per-click, etc.)
   Video surveillance
   Software based implementation (e.g., IPSec)
   Hardware based implementation (e.g., Set-top box)

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