HICSS Mini-Track:
  Secure Software Architecture, Design, Implementation and Assurance (SSADIA)

    Fortieth Annual Hawai'i International Conference on System Sciences
    January 3 - 6, 2007 (Wednesday-Saturday)
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    HICSS conferences are devoted to advances in the information,
computer, and system sciences, and encompass developments in both
theory and practice. Papers may be theoretical, conceptual, tutorial
or descriptive in nature. Submissions undergo a double-blind peer
referee process and those selected for presentation will be published
in the Conference Proceedings.

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    Call for Papers

    The Secure Software Architecture, Design, Implementation and
Assurance minitrack focuses on the research and automation required to
develop secure software systems that do not compromise other system
properties such as performance or reliability. Current security
engineering methods are demonstrably inadequate, as software
vulnerabilities are currently being discovered at the rate of over
4,000 per year. These vulnerabilities are caused by software designs
and implementations that do not adequately protect systems and by
development practices that do not focus sufficiently on eliminating
implementation defects that result in security flaws. An opportunity
exists for systematic improvement that can lead to secure software
architectures, designs, and implementations.


    The following topics are appropriate topics for research papers:

    * Static analysis tools and techniques for detecting security
      flaws and software vulnerabilities in source or binary code

    * Dynamic analysis tools for detecting security flaws and
      software vulnerabilities in source or binary code

    * Model checking tools for detecting security flaws and
      software vulnerabilities in software systems

    * Software architectures and designs for securing against
      denial-of-service attacks and other software exploits

    * Coding practices for improved security and secure library implementations

    * Computational security engineering

    * Other tools and techniques for reducing or eliminating
      vulnerabilities during development and maintenance

    Conference Committee

    Co-Chairs: Sven Dietrich, CERT, ssadia@cert.org

    Daniel Plakosh, CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC), ssadia@cert.org
    Robert C. Seacord, CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC), ssadia@cert.org

    Program Committee

    Julia Allen, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
    Hal Burch, CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC)
    Brian Chess, Fortify Software
    Bob Fleck, Secure Software
    Michael Howard, Microsoft
    Derek M. Jones, Knowledge Software, Ltd.
    Alan Krassowski, Symantec
    Fred Long&, University of Wales, Aberystwyth
    Tom Longstaff, CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC),
    Robert Martin, MITRE
    Leon Moonen, Delft University of Technology
    James W. Moore, MITRE
    Samuel Redwine, James Madison University
    David Riley, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
    John Steven, Cigital
    Kenneth R. van Wyk, KRvW Associates, LLC
    Carol Woody, CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC)
    Important Deadlines

    Abstracts: Authors are encouraged to contact Minitrack Chairs for
guidance and indication of appropriate content. Manuscripts are not
accepted based on abstracts. Full manuscripts must be submitted by
June 15.

    June 15, 2006: Authors submit full manuscripts to the Peer Review
System, following Author Instructions found on the HICSS Web site
(www.hicss.hawaii.edu). All manuscripts will be submitted in double
column publication format and limited to 10 pages including diagrams
and references. Since manuscripts will undergo a double-blind review,
author names and affiliations must not be included on the original
manuscript. This information will be collected later through the

    August 15, 2006: Acceptance notices are sent to Authors via the
                     Peer Review System.

    September 15, 2006: Authors submit Final Version of accepted
papers following submission instructions on the Peer Review System Web
site. At least one author of each paper must register by this date
with specific plans to attend the conference to present the
paper. Early Registration fee applies. General Registration fee
applies September 16-December 15, 2006.

    December 1, 2006: Deadline to guarantee your hotel room
                      reservation at conference rate.

    December 15, 2007: Deadline to receive conference registration
                       refund. Late registration fee applies.

    Submission Instructions

    HICSS manuscripts must contain original material not previously
published, nor currently submitted elsewhere. HICSS will conduct
double-blind reviews of each submitted manuscript. Consult the
conference Web site www.hicss.hawaii.edu for the listing and
description of Minitracks for HICSS-40. Contact the Minitrack Chair(s)
by email for guidance and verification of appropriate
content. (Optional but strongly encouraged)

    Manuscripts may not be submitted to more than one Minitrack
Chair. (One will be summarily rejected.) If unsure which Minitrack is
appropriate, submit abstract to the Track Chair for guidance. Submit
full manuscript according to detailed instructions found on the Peer
Review System Web site.

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   Co-chairs: Robert O. Briggs bbriggs@GroupSystems.com
   and Jay Nunamaker jnunamaker@cmi.arizona.edu

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   Software Technology
   Co-chairs: Chair: Gul Agha agha@cs.uiuc.edu 
                     and Rick Kazman kazman@hawaii.edu
   Conference Administration

   Ralph Sprague, Conference Chair sprague@hawaii.edu
   Sandra Laney, Conference Administrator hicss@hawaii.edu
   Eileen Robichaud, Track Administrator eidennis@indiana.edu