Cluster-Sec'06 Workshop 

Workshop Title: 2nd International Workshop on Cluster Security
Location:       Singapore
Date:           May 16-19, 2006 (1 day workshop, exact day not yet determined)

A Workshop held in conjunction with the Sixth IEEE/ACM International
Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid (CCGrid) May 16-19, 2006

After successful Internet attacks on HPC centers worldwide, there has been
a paradigm shift in cluster security strategies. Clusters are no longer
thought of as just a collection of individual computers but rather as an
integrated single unit in which any breach may result in a "class break"
compromise of the entire cluster. Furthermore, it has also been shown that
clusters communicating via grids create dependent risks between clusters
such that any cluster compromise may cascade to effect an entire grid. 

This forum seeks to stimulate new ideas in order to reshape cluster
protection strategies. The 1st Cluster-Sec Workshop held in May 2005
focused on cluster security as a new paradigm. This 2nd Cluster-Sec
Workshop in 2006 focuses on cluster security in the context of on-demand
or utility computing where fluctuating demand for resources are allocated
dynamically either within a single cluster or across multiple clusters. If
cluster security was complex for the relatively static case of batch
scheduling then considering this additional dynamic over time increases
the challenge. A variety of solution approaches may be appropriate
including prevention, monitoring, measurements, mitigation, and recovery. 

Papers with demonstrated results will be given priority. Two categories of
papers will be considered: Long Paper (12 page maximum) and
Work-In-Progress/Short Paper (6 page maximum). A list of potential topics
includes but is not limited to the following: 

	* secure on-demand computing (single machine) 
	* secure multi-cluster computing (a single job spread across clusters) 
        * cluster security as an emergent property 
        * analysis of cluster attacks 
        * new techniques to protect clusters 
        * virtualization approach for secure cluster computing 
        * visualizing cluster security 
        * commercial grade cluster security 
        * high availability clusters
        * fault detection in clusters 
        * cluster rejuvenation 
        * cluster failover 
        * cluster survivability/recoverability 
        * cluster-specific intrusion detection 
        * relationship between cluster security and grid security 
        * cluster security vulnerabilities 
        * cluster security best practices 
        * storage clusters 
        * storage security on clusters 
        * storage survivability on clusters

Important Dates:

	Paper submissions due: December 28, 2005  
	Notifications to the authors: January 28, 2006  
	Camera-ready papers due: February 21, 2006 
	CCGrid'2006 Symposium: May 16-19, 2006 
	Cluster-Sec Workshop: one day within May 16-19, 2006 
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