ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy
Charlotte, NC, USA
April 24-26, 2023. 
(Submission Due 10 October 2022)

The goal of the ACM Conference on Data and Applications Security
(CODASPY) is to discuss novel, exciting research topics in data and
application security and privacy, and to lay out directions for
further research and development in this area. The conference seeks
submissions from diverse communities, including corporate and academic
researchers, open-source projects, standardization bodies,
governments, system and security administrators, software engineers
and application domain experts. Topics of interest include, but are
not limited to:

- Application-layer security policies
- Access control for applications
- Access control for databases
- Data-dissemination controls
- Data forensics
- Data leak detection and prevention
- Enforcement-layer security policies
- Privacy-preserving techniques
- Private information retrieval
- Search on protected/encrypted data
- Secure auditing
- Secure collaboration
- Secure data provenance
- Secure electronic commerce
- Secure information sharing
- Secure knowledge management
- Secure multiparty computation
- Secure software development
- Securing data/apps on untrusted platforms
- Securing the semantic web
- Security and privacy in GIS/spatial data
- Security and privacy in healthcare
- Security and privacy in the Internet of Things
- Security policies for databases
- Social computing security and privacy
- Social networking security and privacy
- Trust metrics for applications, data, and users
- Usable security and privacy
- Web application security

CODASPY 2023 will also feature a dataset and tool paper track, which
will provide a unique venue for researchers and practitioners to make
available and citable their work done to achieve datasets or tools
relevant in security and privacy domain. Papers accepted in this track
have to describe the available datasets or reporting on the design and
implementation of application security and privacy tools. Dataset/tool
papers are limited to 6 pages.

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