Citation graph for Security and Privacy Papers, 1980-2009

This a directed graph of citations of SP papers to SP papers. It is in "scalable vector graphics" format, and should be viewable in most web browsers. This is a very wide graph, and you will probably want to "zoom" in to see the details.

An arrow from A to B means that A cites B.

The label has the year and approximate filename from the "all years" DVD distributed to all SP and CSF attendees in 2009.

If A is not cited, it is a box.

The height of an oval gives a rough indication of its in-degree.

Holding the mouse cursor over a node will pop-up a small label with the title of the paper.

The color is a gradient from red to blue. Red is for the most recent papers, blue is for the oldest papers, purple is for papers midway between.

The data undoubtedly has errors --- a lot of manual labor went into culling the data and using heuristic methods to turn garbage into links.

The big graph

This is a graph of the same data, concentrating more on the outdegree of the nodes (papers that are "magnanimous"). The node colors have the same meaning. However, the boxes are papers that do not cite other papers. Taller ellipses indicate papers that cite more papers. The link color is a gradient showing the number of years between a paper and what it cites. Blue is for a short interval, green is for a longer interval.

This was done with the GraphViz tool "dot". Here's the input file. The "zgrviewer", a Java application that works in conjunction with GraphViz, provides an excellent interface for navigating large svg files.

The Most Influential Oakland Papers

These are the papers most often cited by other Oakland papers:

The "Gregarious" Oakland Papers

These papers are "gregarious" in that they both cite more than one paper and are themselves cited more than once, and the total of the two is at least 6.

Some Statistics

This shows for each five year period, how many papers there were in that period, the total number of authors, the number of papers that cite other Oakland papers, the total number of citations of Oakland papers, and the total number of years "spanned" (i.e., the summation of difference in year published to year cited).
Years     Papers   Authors  Papers  Total  Total
                            that    cites  years
                            cite           spanned
1980-1985: 101      157      13       22      27
1985-1990: 128      262      47       95     237
1990-1995: 120      242      84      251     838
1995-2000: 115      258      59      187    1137
2000-2005: 102      270      65      169    1171
2005-2009: 132      462      89      205    1270
2010     :  31      121      21       56     380