IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy
Co-Located Workshops

Several co-located workshops will be held in conjunction with the Symposium.

SADFE: Systematic Approaches to Digital Forensic Engineering

Paper submissions due: February 18, 2011

More details can be found at the SADFE 2011 web page.

Call for Papers

The SADFE (Systematic Approaches to Digital Forensic Engineering) International Workshop promotes systematic approaches to cyber crime investigations, by furthering the advancement of digital forensic engineering as a disciplined science and practice. Today's digital artifacts permeate our lives and are part of every crime and every case of digital discovery. The field of digital forensics faces many challenges, including scale, scope and presentation of highly technical information in legal venues to nontechnical audiences. Digital evidence may be extant for only nanoseconds or for years; they may consist of a single modified bit, or huge volumes of data; they may be found locally or spread globally throughout a complex digital infrastructure on public or private systems.

Following the success of previous SADFE workshops, cyber crime investigations and digital forensics tools will continue to be the key topics of the meeting. We also welcome a broader range of digital forensics papers that do not necessarily involve either crime or digital forensics tools. General attack analysis, the insider threat, insurance and compliance investigations, similar forms of retrospective analysis, and digital discovery are all viable topics.

Past speakers and attendees of SADFE have included computer and information scientists, social scientists, digital forensic practitioners, IT professionals, law enforcement, lawyers, and judges. The synthesis of science with practice and the law with technology form the foundation of this conference.

Workshop Topics

SADFE addresses the gap between today's practice and the establishment of digital forensics as a science. To advance the field, SADFE-2011 solicits broad-based, innovative approaches to digital forensic engineering in the following four areas:

  • Digital Data and Evidence Management: advanced digital evidence discovery, collection, and storage
  • Scientific Principle-based Digital Forensic Processes: systematic engineering processes supporting digital evidence management which are sound on scientific, technical and legal grounds
  • Digital Evidence Analytics: advanced digital evidence analysis, correlation, and presentation
  • Forensic-support technologies: forensic-enabled and proactive monitoring/response

More details can be found at the SADFE 2011 web page.

W2SP: Web 2.0 Security and Privacy

Paper submissions due: March 25, 2011

More details can be found at the W2SP 2011 web page.

Call for Papers

W2SP brings together researchers, practitioners, web programmers, policy makers, and others interested in the latest understanding and advances in the security and privacy of the web, browsers and their eco-system. W2SP 2011 is seeking both short position papers (2-4 pages) and longer papers (a maximum of 10 pages). The scope of W2SP 2011 includes, but is not limited to:
  • Trustworthy cloud-based services
  • Privacy and reputation in social networks
  • Security and privacy as a service
  • Usable security and privacy
  • Security for the mobile web
  • Identity management and psuedonymity
  • Web services/feeds/mashups
  • Provenance and governance
  • Security and privacy policies for composible content
  • Next-generation browser technology
  • Secure extensions and plug-ins
  • Advertisement and affiliate fraud
  • Measurement study for understanding web security and privacy

Please see details.

Community Workshop on Ethical Guidelines for Security Research [CANCELLED]

The "Community Workshop on Ethical Guidelines for Security Research" has been cancelled. Those who registered will receive a full refund. The other workshops remain open and available.

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Ethics Workshop Cancelled
The "Community Workshop on Ethical Guidelines for Security Research" has been cancelled. Those who registered will receive a full refund. The other workshops remain open and available.
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