2007 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy

May 20-23, 2007

The Claremont Resort
Berkeley/Oakland, California, USA

Sponsored by the
IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Security and Privacy
in co-operation with
The International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR)


Sunday, May 20, 2007

16:00-19:00 Registration and Reception


Monday, May 21, 2007

7:30-9:00 Continental breakfast
9:00-9:15 Opening Remarks (Deborah Shands, Birgit Pfitzmann)

Keynote Talk
Reflections on the Future of Security and Privacy
Peter G. Neumann

10:15-10:45 Break

Session: Network Security
Session Chair: Birgit Pfitzmann

Accurate Real-time Identification of IP Prefix Hijacking
Xin Hu and Z. Morley Mao
(30 minutes)

DSSS-Based Flow Marking Technique for Invisible Traceback
Wei Yu, Xinwen Fu, Steve Graham, Dong Xuan and Wei Zhao
(30 minutes)

On the Safety and Efficiency of Firewall Policy Deployment
Charles C. Zhang, Marianne Winslett and Carl A. Gunter
(30 minutes)

12:15-13:45 Lunch

Session: Authentication
Session Chair: Tuomas Aura

The Emperor's New Security Indicators: An evaluation of website authentication and the effect of role playing on usability studies
Stuart Schechter, Rachna Dhamija, Andy Ozment and Ian Fischer
(30 minutes)

Cryptanalysis of a Cognitive Authentication Scheme
Philippe Golle and David Wagner
(15 minutes)

A Systematic Approach to Uncover Security Flaws in GUI Logic
Shuo Chen, José Meseguer, Ralf Sasse, Helen J. Wang and Yi-Min Wang
(30 minutes)

Forward-Secure Sequential Aggregate Authentication
Di Ma and Gene Tsudik
(15 minutes)

Extended abstract: Provable-Security Analysis of Authenticated Encryption in Kerberos
Alexandra Boldyreva and Virendra Kumar
(15 minutes)

15:30-16:00 Break

Session: 5-minute Work-in-Progress Talks
Session Chair: Yoshi Kohno

18:00-20:00 Reception


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

7:30-9:00 Continental breakfast

Session: Privacy
Session Chair: Ninghui Li

Endorsed E-Cash
Jan Camenisch, Anna Lysyanskaya and Mira Meyerovich
(30 minutes)

Network Flow Watermarking Attack on Low-Latency Anonymous Communication Systems
Xinyuan Wang, Shiping Chen and Sushil Jajodia
(30 minutes)

Improving the Robustness of Private Information Retrieval
Ian Goldberg
(30 minutes)

10:30-11:00 Break

Session: Access Control and Audit
Session Chair: Dan Wallach

Beyond Stack Inspection: A Unified Access-Control and Information-Flow Security Model
Marco Pistoia, Anindya Banerjee and David A. Naumann
(30 minutes)

Usable Mandatory Integrity Protection for Operating Systems
Ninghui Li, Ziqing Mao and Hong Chen
(30 minutes)

Enforcing Semantic Integrity on Untrusted Clients in Networked Virtual Environments (Extended abstract)
Somesh Jha, Stefan Katzenbeisser, Christian Schallhart, Helmut Veith and Stephen Chenney
(15 minutes)

12:15-13:45 Lunch

Session: Information Flow
Session Chair: Anupam Datta

Information Flow in the Peer-Reviewing Process (Extended Abstract)
Michael Backes, Markus Duermuth and Dominique Unruh
(15 minutes)

A Cryptographic Decentralized Label Model
Jeffrey A. Vaughan and Steve Zdancewic
(30 minutes)

Gradual Release: Unifying Declassification, Encryption and Key Release Policies
Aslan Askarov and Andrei Sabelfeld
(30 minutes)

Fuzzy Multi-Level Security: An Experiment on Quantified Risk-Adaptive Access Control
Pau-Chen Cheng, Pankaj Rohatgi, Claudia Keser, Paul A. Karger, Grant M. Wagner, Angela Schuett Reninger
(15 minutes)

15:15-15:45 Break

Session: Host Security
Session Chair: Crispin Cowen

Exploring Multiple Execution Paths for Malware Analysis
Andreas Moser, Christopher Kruegel and Engin Kirda
(30 minutes)

Lurking in the Shadows: Identifying Systemic Threats to Kernel Data
Arati Baliga, Pandurang Kamat and Liviu Iftode
(15 minutes)

ShieldGen: Automatic Data Patch Generation for Unknown Vulnerabilities with Informed Probing
Weidong Cui, Marcus Peinado, Helen J. Wang and Michael Locasto
(30 minutes)

Minimal TCB Code Execution
Jonathan M. McCune, Bryan Parno, Adrian Perrig, Michael K. Reiter and Arvind Seshadri
(15 minutes)

Using Rescue Points to Navigate Software Recovery (Short Paper)
Stelios Sidiroglou, Oren Laadan, Angelos Keromytis and Jason Nieh
(15 minutes)

17:30-17:45 Break
17:45-18:30 Business Meeting


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

7:30-9:00 Continental breakfast

Session: Hardware and Replication
Session Chair: Wenke Lee

Moats and Drawbridges: An Isolation Primitive for Reconfigurable Hardware Based Systems
Ted Huffmire, Brett Brotherton, Gang Wang, Tim Sherwood, Ryan Kastner, Timothy Levin, Thuy Nguyen and Cynthia Irvine
(30 minutes)

Trojan Detection using IC Fingerprinting
Dakshi Agrawal, Selcuk Baktir, Deniz Karakoyunlu, Pankaj Rohatgi and Berk Sunar
(30 minutes)

On the Optimal Communication Complexity of Multiphase Protocols for Perfect Communication
Kannan Srinathan, N. R. Prasad and C. Pandu Rangan
(30 minutes)

10:30-11:00 Break

Session: Encryption
Session Chair: Patrick McDaniel

Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption
John Bethencourt, Amit Sahai and Brent Waters
(30 minutes)

Attacking the IPsec Standards in Encryption-only Configurations
Jean Paul Degabriele and Kenneth Graham Paterson
(30 minutes)

Multi-Dimensional Range Query over Encrypted Data
Elaine Shi, John Bethencourt, T.-H. Hubert Chan, Dawn Song and Adrian Perrig
(30 minutes)

12:30-12:45 Closing Remarks (Patrick McDaniel, Avi Rubin, and Yong Guan)
11:00-13:00 Boxed lunch


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