Cipher Issue 118, January 21, 2014, Editor's Letter

Dear Readers,

This publication is the newsletter of the IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Security and Privacy, and every two years we welcome new officers. Patrick McDaniel moves from TC Vice Chair to the Chair position, and Ulf Lindqvist takes over as Vice Chair. Sven Dietrich, the assistant editor of this publication, ends his term as the TCSP chair, and he has many accomplishments in his wake. One of them is the open access agreement for proceedings of the Security and Privacy Symposium and other TCSP sponsored conferences. The 2012 proceedings are available without charge from the Computer Society's Digital Library, and those from 2013 will be similarly available this summer.

There was so much news about computer security problems during the last 60 days that I found it difficult to keep up. Even deciding to limit limit Snowden articles was not enough, as the point-of-sale attacks and compromised user databases seemed endless. If this the new future? I read some time ago that the statistics on airline disasters were such that in the near future we would hear of at least one crash per day. Apparently computer security disasters are the same order of magnitude.

NSA has announced that nominations for their "Science of Security" award are open. Authors of papers published in 2013 are eligible.

Relevant to the point-of-sale attacks, Richard Austin this month has reviewed the second edition of a computer forensics book. If you are interested in learning how malware works to evade detection, even in a post-mortem, take a look at the review and decide if you'd like to see the book itself.

The annual Security and Privacy Symposium (aka "Oakland") will announce the program of accepted papers soon, and the expectation is that it will be a full 3-day program. The conference has been moving around the San Francisco Bay area, and this year it will be in San Jose at the Fairmont Hotel.

Target Target and become one,

      Hilarie Orman