Annual TCSP Meeting, Report

The Technical Committee on Security and Privacy holds a business meeting once a year. The most recent meeting was on May 24 at the Security and Privacy Symposium.

The awards presented for best papers, service to the conference community, and organizer reports are available at (this includes the draft minutes of the meeting and the ensuing discussions).

It was a pleasure to announce that Patrick McDaniel was selected to be the Vice Chair of the Technical Committee his two-year term begin January 1, 2012.

At this meeting, we announced a quasi-new event now sponsored by the Technical Committee. The event is the Security and Privacy Workshops, which are co-located with the Symposium. The workshops have been a feature of the Symposium for several years. Sven Dietrich heads the new steering committee that will expand the number of workshops over the next few years.

Terry Benzel and Cynthia Irvine have drafted rules for governing the Technical Committee, and they are available for review on the aforementioned website.

Three issues were open to general discussion during the meeting, which was attended by about 75 people. Follow-up discussion is available through an email list at

        Hilarie Orman
        TCSP Chair