Cipher Issue 101, March 13, 2011, Editor's Letter

Registration for the (25)th episode of the Security and Privacy Symposium is open. Last year's event was a sell-out, and the organizers recommend registering early this year. The program has been posted on the conference website, (see, and you can see for yourself what the program committee selected for the edification of the attendees. Don't miss "Hookt on fon-iks".

The Symposium has continued the track of "Systematization of Knowledge", introduced last year to general acclaim. There are also 3 workshops following the conference: Web 2.0 Security and Privacy, Systematic Approaches to Digital Forensic Engineering, and the Community Workshop on Ethical Guidelines for Security Research.

Plans are also afoot for the annual Computer Security Foundations Symposium, to be held this year at Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay, France.

We have a great article for those of you who did not journey to southern climes for the annual Financial Cryptography conference. Cipher encourages informal conference reports, and we are privileged have an eye-witness account of the technical papers and panels and workshops. My thanks to Cipher Associate Editor Sven Dietrich for coordinating this.

Richard Austin reviews a book about that treasure trove of obscure information, the Windows registry, and Yong Guan has, as always, provided a snapshot of Cipher's online calendar and calls-for-papers announcements.

If you think it ain't broken, you probably haven't checked the access log recently,
    Hilarie Orman
    Cipher Editor