Cipher Issue 99, November 16, 2010, Editor's Letter

The deadline for submitting research papers to the Security and Privacy Symposium is imminent!

In the last issue of Cipher I encouraged Computer Society members to vote for a change in leadership in the Society's elections. The write-in candidate that I backed got only a miniscule fraction of the vote. Nonetheless, I have some hope that the Computer Society understands that it needs to change. The conferences sponsored by the Technical Committees, like the TC on Security and Privacy, bring in as much as 50% of the Society's income. The volunteers who run the conferences deserve a better support organization, and the coming year will see if rumored changes offset some of the announced tightening of rules (such as requiring a minimum fee of $5000 for any CS sponsored event).

This month's Cipher has a book review about malware analysis and also notes a New York Times' article about the Koobface worm. As we continue to battle for computer security, it seems that our physical security at airports is being assaulted not only by terrorists but also by our own Transportation Security Agency. Security and Privacy, natural enemies in transportation?

Malware, the bedbug of computers, don't let it bite you,
    Hilarie Orman
    Cipher Editor