Cipher Issue 75, November 2006, Editor's Letter

Little in the way of spectacular new security vulnerabilities has come to my attention in the last 60 days, though I did have occasion to deal with voting machines as a poll worker. They are as bad as one would imagine any computer would be when setup by lightly trained personnel under time pressure. There was even a surprising physical injury sustained while removing the "security seals" from the machines. Man vs. machine, all over again.

We have a new face in the book review department this month. Richard Austin has responded to the call for reviewers with a review of a book on "Extrusion Detection." This sounds like plastics, but it is really about the unintended outflow of confidential information from an organization. Sven Dietrich chimes in with a review of the FloCon Workshop (can flow analysis detect extrusion?). Also, I am told that a review of the New Security Paradigms Workshop will appear in the Usenix publication ";login" sometime soon.

Yong Guan continues his excellent attention to our calls-for-papers section, and his reduction of those to calendar entries for the newsletter is an invaluable service.

    Hilarie Orman
    Cipher Editor