Dear Readers:

We are pleased to bring you another  issue of Cipher!  In it you will find three book reviews by  Robert Bruen  (all on intrusion detection)  and a review by new contributor Judith Myerson (welcome Judith!).   Also included are Mary Ellen Zurko's LISTWATCH and a review of the Financial Crypto 2001 conference by L. Jean Camp.  (Many thanks to Mary Ellen for making time in a hectic travel schedule to pull together the LISTWATCH for this issue of Cipher!). 

Please be sure to register for the 2001 Symposium on Security and Privacy (May 13-16, 2001, Oakland).  Registration and conference details can be found in this issue.

As we head into a busy conference and workshop season, please consider volunteering to write a  short conference review for Cipher.  Sharing a summary of key issues or even a list of papers helps those of us in the community who don't work in your neighborhood stay current on important issues and problems.  If you would like to contribute to Cipher, let me know. 

Thanks for your help in constructing this issue of Cipher!

Best regards,

Jim Davis