Publius Censorship Resistant Publishing System

We have designed and implemented a system for anonymous, censorship-resistant publishing on the web. It is called  Publius. Details can be found at

We are soliciting volunteers to host publius servers.  All that is required is that you run our CGI script on  your server, and that you are willing to dedicate a  certain amount of disk space to the project. More information  is available on the publius site. 

Key dates:

6/30-7/21 Request For Volunteers 
7/21-7/27 Publius Software Distribution and Installation 
7/28-9/28 Live Trial of Publius 

Today's Washington Post featured an article about Publius. 
The text is available at

If you are interested in volunteering, you can sign up on the  Publius web site.

Avi Rubin

June 30, 2000