Dear Readers:

We are pleased to bring you this issue of Cipher!  We have reviews of the 2000 S&P Oakland conference (Hilarie Orman and Richard Schroeppel) and FIRST'2000 (Cristina Serban) along with two book reviews (Robert Bruen) and LISTWATCH (Mary Ellen Zurko).

You may recall that the May issue of Cipher was distributed during the frenzy over  ILOVEYOU and its cousins.  I had several mailings returned to me along with an automated note stating that my email (the TEXT version of Cipher) was infected with the ILOVEYOU virus and that I should be more careful about the mail I send to others....I hope that the email scanning programs will find this month's Cipher more pleasing.

Two quick notes to highlight:  The TC has its own domain name ( and we have moved the web pages for the TC, Cipher, and the calls-for-papers to the new site.  The URLs for various Cipher departments are listed in Cipher NewsBriefs section.  Second, the call-for-papers for the 2001 S&P Oakland conference has just been released!  See for details.

Many thanks to our contributors and for their help with this issue!  This is truly a community-driven newsletter; I continue to be amazed and pleased with your commitment to keeping Cipher a relevant and useful newsletter.

Best regards,

Jim Davis