Technical Committee on Security and Privacy Names Officers for 2010-2012

At the Symposium on Security and Privacy in May of this year, the IEEE Technical Committee on Security and Privacy held their annual business meeting. Cynthia Irvine, the committee chair, conducted the meeting. At the start of 2010, Hilarie Orman, the current vice chair, will become chair. Sven Dietrich, currently the Cipher associate editor, will assume the duties of vice chair. Terry Benzel will continue as treasurer.

"Oakland" (Security and Privacy Symposium) Plans 30th Anniversary Gala

The Security and Privacy Symposium held its 30th meeting this past May, and that means that next year's meeting will be the 30th anniversary. To note the event, the organizers are planning festivities for May of 2010. Two subcommittees are in charge of organizing events, including an evening dinner and a respective look at the research and notable goings-on over the 3 decades at the Claremont Hotel.

The call-for-papers is now available (see the calendar and CFP section of this newsletter), and it includes a new category for "systemization of knowledge". Worth noting is the deadline for workshop proposals, which is in August.

ACM SIGSAC AWARDS Nominations now Open

ACM SIGSAC is offering two annual awards: SIGSAC Outstanding Innovation Award and SIGSAC Outstanding Contributions Award. At most one award is given each year in each category.

The award criteria are as follows:

  • SIGSAC Outstanding Innovation Award: This award is given for outstanding and innovative technical contributions to the field of computer and communication security that have had lasting impact in furthering or understanding the theory or development of secure systems.
  • SIGSAC Outstanding Contribution Award: This award is given for significant contribution to the field of computer and communication security through fostering research and development activities, educating students, or providing professional services such as the running of professional societies and conferences.

The SIGSAC Awards Committee is now open to receiving nominations for the awards. The awards will be presented at the 16th ACM Computer and Communication Security Conference, Chicago, IL, USA, on November 9-13, 2009

NOMINATION PROCESS: Each nomination should be co-sponsored by at least 3 people. Email co-sponsorship is accepted. Nominations should include a proposed citation (up to 25 words), a succinct (100-250 words) description of the innovation/contribution, and a detailed statement (1-2 page) to justify the nomination as well as other supporting materials. Nominations should be submitted via e-mail (with subject "SIGSAC Innovation/Contribution Award nomination") to the chair of the SIGSAC Awards Committee: Pierangela Samarati (

DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS: Deadline for receiving nomination is August 7, 2009.

EXCLUSION: Members of the ACM SIGSAC Awards Committee are not eligible to be nominated.

The details related to the nomination process and administration of the awards are posted at

Pierangela Samarati
Chair, SIGSAC Awards Committee

SIGSAC Awards Committee:
Vijay Atluri, Rutgers University
Virgil Gligor, Carnegie Mellon University
John McLean, Naval Research Laboratory
Pierangela Samarati, University of Milan (chair)

SIGSAC Outstanding Innovation Award: Dorothy Denning
SIGSAC Outstanding Contribution Award: Ravi Sandhu

SIGSAC Outstanding Innovation Award: Martin Abadi
SIGSAC Outstanding Contribution Award: Sushil Jajodia

SIGSAC Outstanding Innovation Award: Michael Schroeder
SIGSAC Outstanding Contribution Award: Eugene Spafford

SIGSAC Outstanding Innovation Award: Whitfield Diffie
SIGSAC Outstanding Contribution Award: Peter G. Neumann

NIST - Federal Information Processing Standard (FIP) Publication 186-3

NIST announces the adoption of FIPS 186-3, The Digital Signature Standard (see the Federal Register Notice). FIPS 186-3 is a revision of FIPS 186-2. The FIPS specifies three techniques for the generation and verification of digital signatures: DSA, ECDSA and RSA. This revision increases the length of the keys allowed for DSA, provides additional requirements for the use of ECDSA and RSA, and includes requirements for obtaining assurances necessary for valid digital signatures.

URL to FIPS 186-3:
URL to Federal Register Notice (FRN):

NIST Requests Comments on Key Size Transitions

Comments are requested on the white paper "The Transitioning of Cryptographic Algorithms and Key Sizes" by August 3, 2009. Please provide comments to