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November 8, 2008,
New prize, Gordon Essay

Lawrence A. Gordon, Ph.D. ( ) wrote:
Several months ago I made a decision to endow a Prize for the best essay on the topic of "Managing Cybersecurity Resources." The story, including the process by which one can apply for the Prize, can now be found at: . My commitment to endow the Prize is part of the University of Maryland's (and the Smith Business School's) Great Expectations Campaign. My initial commitment is for $25K, the goal is to get the total Endowment for the Prize up to $100K.


November 8, 2008,
NIST Pub 800-180
NIST request for comments

Dear Colleagues:

NIST Special Publication 800-108 Recommendation for Key Derivation Using Pseudorandom Functions is published at this url. Thank you very much for your valuable comments during public comments period.


Lily Chen  

November 8, 2008,
NIST Pub 800-180, NIST request for comments
As stated in the Federal Register of November 12, 2008, NIST requests final comments on FIPS 186-3, the proposed revision of FIPS 186-2, the Digital Signature Standard. The draft defines methods for digital signature generation that can be used for the protection of messages, and for the verification and validation of those digital signatures using DSA, RSA and ECDSA.

Please submit comments to with "Comments on Draft 186-3" in the subject line. The comment period closes on December 12, 2008.