News Bits, Cipher E84, May 2008

Gene Spafford, May 2, 2008,

We have completed another year of security seminars at CERIAS. These are all recorded and made available for FREE as streaming media and "podcasts." We now have four years of these available, on a variety of topics related to cyber security, privacy, policy, and cybercrime. Speakers come from industry, academia, and government.

The seminars are available via many of the usual outlets, including iTunes and Miro. You can also view them at our WWW site, and find links to download sites. Visit (a "peek" shortened URL).

The seminar has been running since 1992, and we are seeking sponsors to help cover the cost of putting older videos online, and to help cover the expense of bringing speakers in. Interested potential sponsors should contact

Individuals interested in speaking in the seminar can also contact

Note that we have been told that individuals *may* be able to watch these seminars and claim some CE credit towards professional certification. We also know that some companies and universities use these in their own classes and teaching. We would love to hear about how *you* might find them useful, or any suggestions. Please send your feedback to

NIST Press Release, May 2, 2008
Request for Comments

NIST announces the release of draft Special Publication 800-108, Recommendation for Key Derivation Using Pseudorandom Functions. This Recommendation specifies techniques for key derivation from a secret key using pseudorandom functions (PRF). Please submit comments to with "Comments on SP800-108" in the subject line. The comment period closes on June 28, 2008.

You can find the draft at