April 1, 2000

New IEEE Computer Magazine column on Networking and Telecommunications. 
Upkar Varshney, Column Editor

Beginning April 2000, IEEE Computer Magazine is starting a new column on Networking and Telecommunications. It aims at publishing short articles (1800-2000 words) on topics related the design, implementation, technology, and security issues in wireline and wireless networks, support for multicast reliable and survivable network architectures, broadband access to home, intelligent transportation systems, GPS and location tracking, support for E911, mobile and handheld devices (hardware, OS, and networking support). The articles should attempt to address a topic of importance to Computer readers in a tutorial style and should attempt to present state-of-the-art information or complex concepts in an easy to read style. The total number of tables and figures should not exceed four. Interested authors are encouraged to send their contributions to Prof. Upkar Varshney, editor for the column, via e-mail at uvarshney@gsu.edu (www.cis.gsu.edu/~uvarshne).