U.S. Computer Security Breach During Desert Shield?

From EDUCOM, 25 March:

During the Gulf War, computer vandals working from Eindhoven in the Netherlands cracked into U.S. government computers at 34 military sites to steal information about troop movements, missile capabilities, and other secret information; they then offered it to the Iraquis, but the Iraquis rejected it because they considered the information a hoax. Dr. Eugene Schultz, former head of computer security at the U.S. Department of Energy, has told the British Broadcasting Company: "We realized that these files should not have been stored on Internet-capable machines. They related to our military systems, they related to Operation Desert Shield at the time, and later Operation Desert Storm. This was a huge mistake." (London Telegraph 23 Mar 97)

Note following publication:
Subsequent to this report, the accuracy of the statements attributed
to Dr. Schults were widely questioned, as was his identification as
"head of computer security" at the U.S. DoE, and no evidence confirming
the statements was reported.