Next Generation Internet: Faster, But More Secure?

On October 10, the Clinton administration announced a "Next Generation Internet" intended to connect universities and research labs with high speed networks from 100-1000 times faster those currently in use. The administration's press release, available at: suggested a variety of technologies and applications that might be the subject of experiments on the NGI, including health care, national security, distance education, and so on. "Software to assure reliability and security of information transmitted over the Internet" is listed last in a list of eight example technologies to be "identified and deployed" in the NGI to "help the Internet continue its exponential rate of growth." Identifying and deploying technologies does not seem to imply developing them. The administration plans to reallocate $100M of FY98 funds, $70M from the defense budget, to initiate the program. The funding will apparently flow into the budget of the High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) initiative, which has not been a strong contributor to security technology in the past.