Autumn is a busy season for our TCSP. Here are a few dates to remember:

o Reviewers needed for Computer Security and Privacy Glossary

IEEE is preparing a Glossary of Terms under IEEE Standards Project P610. The Glossary on Security and Privacy Project, P610.9, requests volunteers from our TC on Security and Privacy to provide expert review during the month of November 1996. The Glossary has 19 Keyword Groups covering about 500 terms. Volunteers are needed to review one or more of the Keyword Groups. For more information on this effort and the IEEE Point of Contact, see Reviewers Requested for IEEE Standard P610.9 in this issue of Cipher. Do not send requests to Cipher or the TCSP Officers.

o Did You Remember to (Re-)Enroll in the TCSP?

From time to time, the IEEE updates the Technical Committee (TC) membership database and culls old records. To remain in our database of TCSP members, you must submit a membership application to IEEE Computer Society by December 31 of this year. If you have not already done so, please complete and submit the membership application in this issue of Cipher (How To Join the TC on Security and Privacy), or at Send your applications to the IEEE Computer Society (and not to Cipher or the TCSP Officers). Our TCSP no longer keeps its own membership list so we need you to register with IEEE Computer Society in order to keep our membership list current and complete.

o Proceedings of the October Meeting of the TCSP

Some items of note from the recent TCSP meeting, held at the NISSC in Baltimore:

1) The due date for submitting papers for the 1997 Symposium on Security and Privacy has been extended to December 2, 1996. See the 1997 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy Call For Papers in this issue of Cipher.

2) The due date for submitting papers for the November 1997 IEEE Software Magazine Special Issue on Security and Privacy is this November. This is a great opportunity to reach a much larger and broader audience of readers. For details, see the Call For Papers in this issue of Cipher.

The next meeting of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Activities Board will meet in mid-November. As your representative on the Board, I welcome your inputs. Send mail to In particular, we will be reviewing how IEEE Computer Society can better serve its members and the technical community.

o Special Thanks

There are many unsung heroes in our TCSP. Special thanks to Tom Berson of Anagram Labs for his help with the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy. We continue to be indebted to the editors and volunteer contributors to Cipher who make our TCSP newsletter an outstanding success. There is always a need for more volunteers so if you have the time and spirit, become involved.

Deborah M. Cooper
TCSP Chair