[Updated 20 November 1996]

The announcement in late September by Bellcore researchers of an attack on smart card security based on causing failures in the card (see Cipher EI #17) has been followed by several papers on attacks based on introducing faults into crypto systems, one from by Biham and Shamir in Israel, another by a group of researchers in Singapore, and a third from Ross Anderson proposing a tamper attack on DES. "tamperproof" devices. In addition, Ross Anderson and Markus Kuhn have posted a paper documenting various kinds of attacks on tamper-resistant devices, including one successful attack on a smartcard currently in circulation. At this writing, the Bellcore paper still seems available only as a press release. Finally, Paul Kocher contributed a note to the RISKS forum suggesting that these kinds of attacks are far from new. [Added 18 November: Ross Anderson and Markus Kuhn released a new note on 15 November, which is available below.]