To the Editor, IEEE Cipher:

Letter form a well-known reader (excerpted):


I just want to let you know that lately I've been really appreciating Electronic Cipher. Over time I get more and more out of touch with security happenings and people, and I've little time to spend in newsgroups and mailing lists. But I'm always interested in what's up the security world. and I've found Cipher the most efficient and interesting way to do so. Tell Mez (I don't know her email address) that I particularly like her news highlights: being written by a security person, they actually tell me what I want to know (unlike newspaper articles) and I don't have to wade through mass quantities of newsgroup chatter to get there.

If I had a wish, it would be to have someone write a highlights for the various security conferences. I know it's important to give an objective summary of each paper, but it's too much for me to read all of them and I'm not capable of judging which are truly "important" anyway I read Science News every week and trust their reporters to tell me what's important from scientific conferences (and from journals). It would be nice to have something like that for security conferences, though I admit it might be hard to find someone you trust to make the choices.

Keep it up!

Morrie Gasser

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