IEEE Cipher Book Reviews


Issue E35.  1/21/00

Anonymous,  Maximum Linux Security:  A Hacker's Guide to Protecting Your Linux Server and Workstation.    Review by  Bob Bruen

Li Gong,  Inside Java 2 Platform Security. Architecture, API Design, and ImplementationReview by Bob Bruen

Issue E34.   11/3/99

Simon Singh, The Code Book:  The Evolution of Secrecy from Mary, Queen of Scots to Quantum CryptographyReview by Bob Bruen 

William Stallings,  Cryptography and Network Security:  Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition.    Review by Bob Bruen

Rudolf Kippenhahn,  Code Breaking: A History and Exploration.    Review by Bob Bruen

Issue E33.   8/12/99

Brian Tung,  Kerberos:  A Network Authentication SystemReview by Bob Bruen

Issue E32   6/7/99

Ross Anderson,  The Global Internet Trust Register, 1999 Edition.    Review by Bob Bruen 

Geoff Mulligan,  Removing the Spam: Email Processing and Filtering.    Review by Bob Bruen

Issue E31   3/15/99

Dorothy Denning,  Information Warfare.    Review by Bob Bruen 

Dorothy Denning and Peter Denning, Editors,  Internet Besieged Countering Cyberspace Scofflaws.    Review by Bob Bruen

Issue E30   12/18/98

Terry Escamilla,  Intrusion Detection: Network Security Beyond the Firewall.    Review by Bob Bruen

Carolyn Meinel, The Happy Hacker.   Review by Bob Bruen

Alan Schwartz and Simson Garfinkel,  Stopping Spam.    Review by Bob Bruen

Issue E29   10/7/98

Electronic Frontier Foundation,  Cracking DES: Secrets of Encryption Research, Wiretap Politics & Chip Design.      Review by Bob Bruen 

Issue E28   7/13/98

Gary McGraw and Edward Felten,  Java Security.    Review   by  Bob Bruen

Jonathan Knudsen, Java CryptographyReview  by Bob Bruen

Martin Freiss,  Protecting Networks With SatanReview by Bob Bruen

Scott Oaks,  Java SecurityReview  by Bob Bruen

Charles Scott, Paul Wolfe & Mike Erwin, Virtual Private NetworkReview  by Bob Bruen

Issue E27   4/27/98

Lincoln Stein, Web Security: A Step-By-Step Reference GuideReview by Bob Bruen

Issue E26   2/9/98

Whitfield Diffie and Susan Landau,  Privacy on the Line:  The Politics of Wiretapping and Encryption.    Review by Bob Bruen 

Anonymous,  Maximum Security:  A Hacker's Guide to Protecting Your Internet SiteReview  by  Bob Bruen

Issue E25   11/25/97

Philip E. Agre and Marc Rotenberg (eds),  Technology and Privacy: The New LandscapeReview by Bob Bruen

Rita Summers,  Secure Computing, Threats, and Safeguards.   Review by Bob Bruen

Issue E22   7/12/97

Kenneth Birman, Building Secure and Reliable Network Applications.  Review by Bob Bruen

Issue E20   2/10/97

Hans Reisel,  Prime Numbers and Computer Methods for Factorization.  2nd Edition.    Review by  Bob Bruen

Paulo Ribenboim,  The New Book of Prime Number Records, 3rd Edition.     Review by Bob Bruen

Issue E19  12/23/96

Peter Wayner,  Disappearing Cryptography.  Review  by Bob Bruen  

Douglas Stinson,  Cryptography: Theory and PracticeReview by Bob Bruen

David Kahn.   The Codebreakers. The Story of Secret Writing.     Review by Bob Bruen

Norman Polmar and Thomas Allen,  Spy Book:  The Encyclopedia of Espionage.  Review by Bob Bruen

Issue E18  11/11/96

Charlie Kaufman, Radia Perlman and Mike Speciner,   Network Security: Private Communication in a Public World.  Review  by  Bob Bruen

William Stallings,  Network and Internetwork Security: Principles and Practice.  Review  by  Bob Bruen