IEEE Cipher's Calendar of Security and Privacy Related Events

Updated March 2, 2010

Date (Month/Day/Year), Event, Locations, e-mail for more info.
See also Cipher Calls for Papers file for details on many of these listings.

Also worth a look are the ICL calendar and the IACR site, and several others

About submitting items to the Cipher calendar and CFP list, and information about email delivery failures.

An asterisk [*] points from the submission date entry to the conference date entry.

The following notations indicate limitations on the distribution of the event proceedings. The note is based on the editor's reading of the event announcement. Contact the event chairs if you have questions.
     NP = No proceedings
     AO = Proceedings are distributed to attendees only
     BP = Only "best papers" will be published
     No notation means that the proceedings will be published for distribution outside the conference.