* 2^nd Cybercrime and Trustworthy Computing Workshop (CTC-2010) *
* http://www.icsl.com.au/ctc-workshop * 

Prof Josef Pieprzyk, Macquarie University and A/Prof Paul A. Watters, 
University of Ballarat.

Following on from the first workshop in Brisbane in 2009, CTC-2010 will 
be held from 19-20^th July, 2010, at the Greenhill Enterprise Centre at 
the University of Ballarat, and will be hosted by the Internet Commerce 
Security Laboratory (ICSL).

Cybercrime continues to be a growth industry, assisted by a combination 
of technical factors, such as insecure hardware and software platforms, 
and psychological factors, such as user error or naivety. The objective 
of this workshop is to bring together two distinct groups to encourage 
further collaboration - those who are working on researching cybercrime 
activity, such as phishing and malware, and those who are working on 
technical countermeasures.

The scope of the workshop is reasonably narrow, to ensure a 
complementary match between capability and need. Papers should either be 
empirically or rationally based explorations of problems in cybercrime, 
or propose solutions and/or countermeasures to the most pressing 

Example topic areas on the cybercrime theme might include:

    * Phishing, SPAM
    * Malware, Botnets
    * Scams, including advance fee fraud, romance scams etc
    * Forensic means to classify e-mail messages or web pages soliciting
      cybercrime or providing a vector for attack
    * Forensic means to cluster and identify different groups or modus
      operandi arising from distinct "kits"

For the countermeasures side, topic areas might include:

    * Anti-phishing
    * Anti-virus
    * Anti-rootkit
    * Anti-botnet
    * User education and/or psychological operations

A major theme of the event will be to plan future research interactions 
and relationships between industry and academia.

*Submission *
All submissions are to be made using the Easychair 
<http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ctc2010> system. At least 
one author of each accepted paper is required to register and present 
their work at the conference, otherwise the paper will not be included 
in the proceedings. The workshop proceedings will be published by IEEE 
(EI indexed). Selected papers, after extension and further revisions, 
will be published in a special issue of a prestigious journal. Papers 
should be written using the IEEE CS style, with up to 12 pages. All 
papers should be submitted for double-blind review, ie, no contact or 
author details should appear on the submitted paper.

*Dates: *

    * Paper Submission Deadline: 20 April 2010
    * Paper Status Notification: 20 May 2010
    * Papers Due in PDF Format: 18 June 2010
    * Workshop: 19-20 July 2010

*Program Committee Members*

    * Dr Jemal Abawajy, Deakin University
    * Prof Lynn Batten, Deakin University
    * Dr Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Australian Institute of Criminology
    * Prof Colin Fidge, Queensland University of Technology
    * Dr Julian Jang, CSIRO
    * Dr Liping Ma, University of Ballarat
    * Prof Chris Mitchell, Royal Holloway, University of London
    * Dr Alex Ng, University of Ballarat
    * Dr Man Qi, Canterbury Christ Church University
    * Prof Josef Pieprzyk, Macquarie University
    * Dr Jeremy Prichard, University of Tasmania
    * Dr Joe St Sauver, University of Oregon
    * Prof Willy Susilo, University of Wollongong
    * Dr Fergus Toolan, University College Dublin
    * Prof Randal Vaughn, Baylor University
    * A/Prof Paul Watters, University of Ballarat
    * Dr George Weir, University of Strathclyde
    * Prof Wu Liu, Tsinghua University
    * Dr Yan Wang, Macquarie University
    * Prof Matthew Warren, Deakin University
    * Dr John Zic, CSIRO


    * Mr Milton Baar, Swoose Partnership
    * Mr Simon Brown, Westpac
    * Dr Ebrima Ceesay, Booz Allen Hamilton
    * Mr David Gottlieb, Ebay
    * Mr Aaron Herps, AFACT
    * Mr Richard Johnson, Westpac
    * Mr Stephen McCombie, Security Consultant
    * Mr Theo Nassiokas, Deutsche Bank
    * Ms Megan O'Neill, IBM
    * Mr Ben Reardon, National Australia Bank
    * Mr Cameron Woolfe, IBM

_Law Enforcement:

    * Commander Neil Gaughan, Australian Federal Police
    * Detective Superintendent Brian Hay, Queensland Police Service
    * Superintendent Nigel Phair, Australian Federal Police
    * Mr Mauro Vignati, Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information
      Assurance, Switzerland

*Costs and Registration
In order to encourage as many participants as possible, we will 
endeavour to keep registration costs as low as possible.
*Contact details*
Email queries to p.watters@ballarat.edu.au