Dear Colleagues:

On the October 3-4, 2005, a workshop on security standardization 
will be held in Geneva. The workshop, which is being organized by 
the ITU-T Study Group 17, aims to bring together key security 
standardization organizations to gain a better understanding of each 
group's focus and capabilities. We recognize that there have been (and in 
some cases continue to be) misunderstandings between the various standards 
development organizations, but we hope the workshop may help overcome some 
of these misunderstandings. Although the workshop is being organized by the 
ITU-T, we very much want to ensure that it is of equal value to all 
participating organizations. To that end we have invited ISO, the IETF, and 
a number of other organizations to participate in both the planning and in 
the presentations.

I have attached a copy of the latest version of the draft program for your review. The program
is still under development and your feedback is invited. I hope you
will be able to joins us and participate in this event.

Mike Harrop