The Second International Workshop on 
          Wireless and Sensor Networks Security (WSNS'06)
          held in conjunction with 
          The 3rd IEEE International Conference on 
          Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems
          October 9-12, 2006 
          Vancouver, Canada
Theme and scope:
Wireless networks have experienced an explosive growth during the last few 
years. Nowadays, there is a large variety of networks spanning from the 
well-known cellular networks to non-infrastructure wireless networks such 
as mobile ad hoc networks and sensor networks. The security issue is a 
central concern for achieving secured communication in these networks. This 
workshops aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from wireless 
and sensor networking, security, cryptography, and distributed computing 
communities, with the goals of promoting discussions and collaborations. We 
are interested in novel research on all aspects of security in wireless and 
sensor networks and tradeoff between security and performance such as QoS, 
dependability, scalability, etc.
Topics of interest:
We are seeking papers that describe original and unpublished contributions 
addressing various aspects of secured wireless/sensor networks. Topics of 
interest include, but are not limited to:
· Authentication and Access Control
· Cryptographic Protocol
· Experimental Studies
· Key Management
· Information Hiding
· Intrusion Detection and Response
· Privacy and Anonymity · Secure Localization and Synchronization 
· Security and Performance tradeoff
· Security Policy and Enforcement Issues 
· Security Protocols Design, Analysis and Verification
· Secure Routing/MAC
· Surveillance and Monitoring
· Threat & Trust Management
Paper Submission:
Submit a full paper of about 6 pages (IEEE Computer Society proceedings 
Manuscripts: two column, single-spaced), including figures and references, 
using 10 font size, and number each page. Each submitted paper will be peer 
reviewed and the comments will be provided to the authors. Accepted papers 
will be published by IEEE Computer Society Press, as proceedings of the 
MASS'06 workshops.
Use the IEEE Computer Society Press Proceedings Author Guidelines 
( Prepare your papers in PDF file 
only (Adobe format), paper title, names, affiliations, postal address, and 
e-mail address of the authors, about 100-150 word abstract, and at most 
five keywords.
Submit your paper as an e-mail attachment to zjiang at <>  
Acknowledgement will be sent back for each submission within 24 hours; 
otherwise, a re-submission is needed. Submission of a paper should be 
regarded as an undertaking that, should the paper be accepted, at least 
one of the authors will register and attend the workshop to present the 
Important Dates:
Manuscript Submission:          June, 30, 2006
Acceptance Notification:        8/1/2006
Final Manuscript Due:           8/10/2006
Workshop Co-chairs
Dr. Falko Dressler
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
dressler at <> 
Dr. Yong Guan
Iowa State University, USA
yguan at <> 
Dr. Zhen Jiang
Information Assurance Center
West Chester University, USA
zjiang at <> 
Steering Committee member
Dr. Dharma Agrawal
University of Cincinnati, USA
Dr. Sajal Das
University of Texas at Arlington, USA
Dr. Jie Wu
Florida Atlantic University, USA
Program Committee member
A. Agah, West Chester University
B. Bhargava, Purdue University
L. Burgazzi, ENEA, Italy
I. Cardei, Florida Atlantic University
A. Gourgeois, Georgia State University
S. Capkun, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
S. Chen, Florida International University
X. Chen, Texas State University
X. Cheng, George Washington University
T. He, University of Minnesota
J. Liu, Oakland University
Y. Liu, University of Texas, Dallas
F. Kargl, Ulm University, Germany
B. Lu, West Chester University
S. Mishra, University of Colorado
C. Nita-Rotaru, Purdue University 
G. Noubir, Northeastern University
K. Nyberg, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
S. Olariu, Old Dominion University
D. Qiao, Iowa State University
D. Simplot-Ryl, University of Lille, France
W. Trappe, Rutgers University
A. Weimerskirch, Escrypt GmbH-Embedded Security, Germany
Y. Xia,  University of Florida
W. Zhang, Iowa State University