Workshop on Security in Communications Networks

Held in Conjunction with IEEE LCN 2012
Clearwater, FL
October 22-25, 2012

Secure Group Communications

Recent years have seen growth in the number of services and
applications that enable groups of people and/or devices to
communicate and collaborate in real-time. Oftentimes, these
groups are spontaneously formed based on a common interest
or objective, have a limited life span and use one or more
network technologies to connect group members with available
resources and each other. Examples range from multi-player
online games and video conferencing to the coordination of
first responders at a crime scene or troops in a battlefield.
Secure group communication is a difficult problem that needs
to be addressed to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity,
and availability of these applications. Challenges include
user mobility, device heterogeneity, lack of infrastructure,
cross domain interactions, as well as dynamic memberships
without pre-configuration.

The main purpose of this workshop is to promote further
research interests and activities on Secure Group
Communication. This workshop aims to increase the synergy
between academic and industrial researchers working in this
area. We are interested in experimental, systems-related,
and work-in-progress papers in all aspects of Secure Group

The topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

* Novel and emerging secure architectures
* Study of attack strategies, attack modeling
* Case studies and analysis of actual attacks
* Group key management (incl. dynamic key generation,
   distribution, update and revocation)
* Context/capability/situational-aware group memberships
* Identity management
* Protection of video and multimedia content
* Secure multicast
* Secure collaborative services
* Secure data accumulation, storage and access control
* Tradeoffs between security vs. performance vs. usability
* Secure group communications in mobile ad hoc, mesh,
   vehicular and incident area networks, etc.


Submission: May 12, 2012
Notification: June 30, 2012
Camera Ready: July 28, 2012
Workshop: October 22-25, 2012