Call for Papers / Contributions:

The 1st International Workshop on Engineering EHR Solutions (WEES), 
Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Oct 7-10 2012 (Submissions due: June 16, 2012)

The first Amsterdam Privacy Conference (APC) in the Netherlands, Oct 7-10 2012, 
is a multidisciplinary conference which aims to address privacy from all angles 
and disciplines. Keynote speakers include Alessandro Acquisti (CMU), Ross 
Anderson (Cambridge, UK), Peter Hustinx (EPDS), Priscilla Regan (George Mason) 
and Helen Nissenbaum (NYU).

As part of APC, the first International Workshop on Engineering Electronic 
Healthcare Record Solutions (WEES) addresses technical issues related to 
privacy and data protection in large-scale Electronic Health Record (EHR)
systems. WEES intends to become a lively forum for discussing real-world 
problems associated with the design and implementation of large-scale 
systems for exchanging medical information.

Over recent years, increasingly large-scale systems for health information 
exchange and communication have been designed and built, ranging from small 
systems to support collaborating professionals at a regional scale, to very 
large-scale, even National systems. Systems at an European and U.S. scale are 
currently being considered. Systems at this scale, particularly for the 
exchange of sensitive information, bring in an unprecedented range of problems 
from usability to scalability to availability to security to privacy.

WEES invites contributions from all scientific disciplines, including 
computer science, healthcare, sociology and psychology. However, papers with 
technical merit, tangible results, or concrete practical solutions are 
preferred. Privacy and security issues are particularly relevant. Also, 
experience papers describing real-world systems are invited.

The workshop accepts the following types of submissions:

- 1 or 2-page abstracts for oral or poster presentations
- position papers up to 4 pages, presenting a challenging or novel idea
   related to engineering real-world large-scale EHR systems
- full papers up to 12 pages, presenting more polished or mature
   research results, or experience papers.

Paper submissions will be peer reviewed and, if accepted, included in the APC 
conference proceedings.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

- security architecture and analysis of real-world systems
- requirement analysis and tradeoffs
- interconnected health information exchange systems
- privacy policy enforcement - authentication and authorization
- auditing and provenance, transparancy
- (experiences with) consent models
- the role of patients in authorization and information disclosure
- stakeholder influence on design decisions
- data breach detection and notification
- privacy enhancing technologies
- cryptographic techniques and key management
- push and pull communication models
- usability issues (professional and patient perspective)
- data representation, standardization
- segmentation and access control
- Hospital information systems security after I vs. Finland
- Health information technology for developing countries
- data ownership, personal health records
- centralized vs. decentralized architectures
- scalability versus security
- privacy impact and risk assessments

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