WACCC 2013 1st Workshop on Adversarial Cryptography, Communications and 
Control, Busena Terrace Beach Resort, Okinawa, Japan, April 1, 2013 
(Submissions due January 30, 2013)

The research community's understanding of attacker methodology is poor, 
and we are forced to rely on newspaper articles or hypotheticals in order 
to discuss defenses. Conversely, there is strong evidence that the 
hypotheticals we discuss are too complex, unreliable or arcane for 
attacker purposes. This workshop is focused on studying attacker behavior 
as it takes place now, by studying malware, investigating occupied systems 
or by studying logs of actual attacks. This is a complex multidisciplinary 
task involving studying executable code, network communications and 
deceiving increasingly self-aware tools. Recent botnets and advanced 
persistent threats have posed serious challenges to the research community 
from both the reverse engineering and applied cryptography perspectives. 
This workshop will focus on understanding the methods and used by current 
adversaries to author, distribute, and control malware. Relevant topics 
include communications techniques, cryptography, defeating reverse 
engineering and any other approach used by attackers here and now to evade 
defenders and analysts. Submissions must address current malware and 
attack experiences. While we focus on sharing prior experiences and 
experiments in malware research, successful or not, we tap into topics in 
network security, computer security, and applied cryptography. This 
workshop will favor discussions among participants, in order to advance 
the field for both cryptographers, network analysts, and security 
practitioners. It will be co-located with the Seventeenth International 
Conference on Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2013.

For more info, please see: http://www.cs.stevens.edu/~spock/waccc2013/