W2SP (Web 2.0 Security and Privacy) 2015 
part of the IEEE CS Security & Privacy Workshops (W2SP 2015), 
an event of the IEEE CS Technical Committee on Security and Privacy 
co-located with IEEE S&P 2015 
in the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, CA, USA,
May 21, 2015 (Submissions due January 12, 2015).

W2SP brings together researchers, practitioners, web programmers,
policy makers, and others interested in the latest understanding and
advances in the security and privacy of the web, browsers, cloud,
mobile and their eco-systems. We have eight years of successful W2SP
workshops.  The workshop will be accessible to both non-experts
interested in learning about this area and experts interested in
hearing about new research and approaches.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Analysis of Web, Cloud and Mobile Vulnerabilities
Forensic Analysis of Web, Cloud and Mobile Systems
Security Analysis of Web, Cloud and Mobile Systems
Advances in Penetration Testing
Advances in (SQL/code) Injection Attacks
Trustworthy Cloud-based, Web and Mobile services
Privacy and Reputation in Web (e.g. Social Networks), Cloud, Mobile Systems
Security and Privacy as a Service
Usable Security and Privacy
Security and Privacy Solutions for the Web, Big Data, Cloud and Mobile
Identity Management, Pseudonymity and Anonymity
Security/Privacy Web Services/Feeds/Mashups
Provenance and Governance
Security and Privacy Policy Management for the Web, Big Data ,Cloud and Mobile
Next-Generation Web/Mobile Browser Technology
Security/Privacy Extensions and Plug-ins
Online Privacy and Security frameworks
Advertisement and Affiliate fraud
Studies on Understanding Web/Cloud/Mobile Security and Privacy
Technical Solutions for Security and Privacy legislation
Solutions for connecting the Business, Legal, Technical and Social
  aspects on Web/Cloud/Mobile Security and Privacy.
Technologies merging Economics with Security/Privacy
Innovative Security/Privacy Solutions for Industry Verticals
Formal methods in Security 

For more information, please see http://ieee-security.org/TC/SPW2015/W2SP/