Web 2.0 Security and Privacy 2011 Workshop 
Call for Papers


Important Dates

Paper submission deadline: March 25, 2011 (11:59pm US-PST)
Workshop acceptance notification date: April 22, 2011
Workshop date: Thursday, May 26, 2011

Workshop paper submission web site: http://submissions.w2spconf.com/

Previous W2SP Workshops: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007

W2SP brings together researchers, practitioners, web programmers,
policy makers, and others interested in the latest understanding and
advances in the security and privacy of the web, browsers and their
eco-system. We have had four years of successful W2SP workshops. This
year, we will additionally invite selected papers to a special issue
of the journal.

We are seeking both short position papers (2-4 pages) and longer papers 
(a maximum of 10 pages). The scope of W2SP 2011 includes, but is not 
limited to:

    * Trustworthy cloud-based services
    * Privacy and reputation in social networks
    * Security and privacy as a service
    * Usable security and privacy
    * Security for the mobile web
    * Identity management and psuedonymity
    * Web services/feeds/mashups
    * Provenance and governance
    * Security and privacy policies for composible content
    * Next-generation browser technology
    * Secure extensions and plug-ins
    * Advertisement and affiliate fraud
    * Measurement study for understanding web security and privacy

Workshop Co-Chairs

    * Larry Koved (IBM Research)
    * Dan S. Wallach (Rice University) 

Program Chair

    * Helen J. Wang (Microsoft Research) 

Program Committee

    * Dirk Balfanz (Google)
    * Adam Barth (Google)
    * Dan Boneh (Stanford)
    * Suresh Chari (IBM Research)
    * Hao Chen (UC Davis)
    * Shuo Chen (MSR)
    * Collin Jackson (CMU)
    * Martin Johns (SAP Research)
    * Larry Koved (IBM Research)
    * Christopher Kruegel (UCSB)
    * Ben Livshits (MSR)
    * John C. Mitchell (Stanford University)
    * Charlie Reis (Google)
    * Thomas Roessler (W3C)
    * V.N. Venkatakrishnan (UI Chicago)
    * Dan S. Wallach (Rice University)
    * Helen J. Wang (MSR)
    * Mary Ellen Zurko (IBM Research)