TrustBus'2017: The 14th International Conference on  
Trust, Privacy And Security In Digital Business, 
to be held in Lyon, France, August 28-31, 2017
(Submissions due:  March 22, 2017)

TrustBus - 2017 will bring together researchers from different
disciplines, developers, and users all interested in the critical
success factors of digital business systems. We are interested in
papers, work-in-progress reports, and industrial experiences
describing advances in all areas of digital business applications
related to trust and privacy, including, but not limited to:
* Anonymity and pseudonymity
* Common practices, legal and regulatory issues in digital business
* Delivery technologies and scheduling protocols
* Economics of information systems security and privacy
* Enterprise management and consumer protection
* Intellectual property and digital rights management 
* Languages for description of services and contracts 
* Models for access control and authentication 
* Cryptographic building-blocks for e-business applications 
* Business architectures and underlying infrastructures 
* Design of business models with security requirements 
* Electronic cash, wallets and pay-per-view systems 
* Security, privacy and trust in e-services 
* Cloud computing security and privacy 
* Identity management, identity theft and trust management
* Information audit and trust 
* Trust and reputation in digital business environments
* Security and privacy in cyber physical systems 
* Methodologies for privacy by design and by default 
* Methodologies for privacy impact assessment
* Privacy and Security Patterns 
* Security and privacy governance and management 
* Intrusion detection and information filtering 
* Online transaction processing 
* PKI & PMI 
* Security of P2P transactions and scenarios 
* Security, privacy and trust in real-time Internet e-Services
* Reliability and security of content and data 
* Reputation in services provision
* Secure process integration and management 
* Reliable auction, e-procurement and negotiation technology
* Transactional Models 
* Security, privacy and trust in mobile commerce environments
* Usability of security and privacy technologies and services
* Security and privacy models for pervasive information systems
* Shopping, trading, and contract management tools
* Security and privacy policies
* Multi-factor authentication schemes
* Accountability, Transparency and Intervenability
* Security and privacy in big data systems processing
* Security and privacy of mobile applications
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