Call for Papers

               Trustworthy Global Computing 2007

           November 5-6, 2007, Sophia-Antipolis, France


The Symposium on Trustworthy Global Computing is an international
annual venue dedicated to safe and reliable computation in global
computers. It focuses on providing tools and frameworks for
constructing well-behaved applications and for reasoning about their
behaviour and properties in models of computation that incorporate
code and data mobility over distributed networks with highly dynamic
topologies and heterogeneous devices.

We solicit paper in all areas of global computing, including (but not
limited to):

    * theories, models and algorithms for global computing and service
      oriented computing
    * language concepts and abstraction mechanisms
    * security through verifiable evidence
    * information flow and resource usage policies
    * verification of cryptographic protocols and their use
    * trust, access control and security enforcement mechanisms
    * self configuration, adaptation, and dynamic components management
    * software principles to support debugging and verification
    * test generators, symbolic interpreters, type checkers
    * model checkers, theorem provers
    * privacy, reliability and business integrity

Important Dates

   * Abstract submissions: July 27, 2007
   * Paper submissions: August 3, 2007
   * Notification to authors: September 17, 2007
   * Final version for pre-proceedings: October 5, 2007
   * Conference: November 5-6, 2007
   * Version for post-proceedings: December 7, 2007

Submission Details

Papers can be submitted online at http://www.easychair.org/TGC2007/.
Contributions must be in Postscript or PDF and consist of no more than
15 pages in the Springer LNCS style. Additional details and proofs
omitted due to space limitations may be included in a clearly marked
appendix. Submitted papers must describe work unpublished in refereed
venues, and not submitted for publication elsewhere.

Proceedings and Special Issue

We will publish Springer LNCS post-proceedings shortly after the
conference, to give the authors the opportunity to take into account
discussions and suggestions at the conference. Pre-proceedings with
the accepted papers will be made available at the conference.

Invited Speakers

   * Andrew D. Gordon (Microsoft Research)
   * Martin Hofmann (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Muenchen)

Program Chairs

   * Gilles Barthe (INRIA)
   * Cedric Fournet (Microsoft Research)

Program Committee

   * Gilles Barthe (INRIA)
   * Roberto Bruni (University of Pisa)
   * Luis Caires (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
   * Bruno Crispo (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
   * Silvano Dal Zilio (CNRS)
   * Rocco De Nicola (University of Pisa)
   * Cedric Fournet (Microsoft Research)
   * Manuel Hermenegildo (T.U. of Madrid - UPM)
   * Alan Jeffrey (Bell Labs - Alcatel Lucent)
   * Christos Kaklamanis (University of Patras)
   * Cosimo Laneve (University of Bologna)
   * Uwe Nestmann (TU Berlin)
   * Dave Sands (Chalmers University of Technology of Goteborg)
   * Vladimiro Sassone (University of Southampton)
   * Ian Stark (University of Edinburgh)
   * Alan Schmitt (INRIA)
   * Paul G. Spirakis (University of Patras and RACTI)
   * Eric Tanter (Universidad de Chile)
   * Nobuko Yoshida (Imperial College London)