The Storage Security and Survivability (StorageSS) Workshop 
"The Paradigm Shift to Info-Centric Protection"
George Mason University, FairFax Virginia USA
November 11th 2005 
A Workshop held in conjunction with the 
12th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS 2005)
paper submission deadline: July 11th 2005 (two types: regular and short papers)

There has been an evolution of protection solutions mirrored in both the 
security and survivability research communities: (1) from physical 
protection solutions targeting people, (2) to system protection solutions 
targeting networked-systems, (3) and now the new emerging paradigm of 
information-centric solutions targetting the data itself. This workshop 
focuses on stimulating new ideas in order to reshape storage protection 
strategies. Clearly storage security and survivability is a complex, 
multi-dimensional problem with dynamics over time so a large variety of 
approaches may be appropriate including prevention, monitoring, 
measurements, mitigation, and recovery. 

We bring Storage-SS to the ACM CCS 2005 Conference to foster a greater 
exchange between computer protection researchers/professionals and 
computer storage researchers/professionals. In this vein, we seek 
submissions from both research and industry presenting novel ideas on all 
theoretical and practical aspects of protecting storage systems. 
Specifically we seek submissions in two types distinct paper categories: 
Regular Paper (12 page maximum) and Work-In-Progress/Short Paper (6 page 
maximum). A list of potential topics includes but is not limited to the 

storage protection tradeoffs 
storage protection deployment (including case studies) 
smart storage for security/survivability 
analysis of covert storage channels 
storage leak analysis 
mobile storage protection 
novel backup protection techniques 
storage versioning protection techniques 
storage encryption techniques (both key mgmt and crypto algorithms) 
tamper-evident storage protection techniques 
immutable storage protection techniques 
storage threat models 
storage intrusion detection systems 
storage area network (SAN) security/survivability 
security/survivability for storage over a distance 
security/survivability with Internet storage service providers 
storage security/survivability in an HPC environment 

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