The 6th Annual Security Conference
April 11-12, 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Submissions Deadline: January 15, 2007

With the development of more complex networking systems and the rapid
transition to the e-world, information security has become a real concern
for many individuals and organizations. Advanced safeguards are required to
protect the information assets of not only large but also small and
distributed enterprises. New approaches to information security management,
such as policies and certifications, are now being required. The security of
strategic corporate information has become the foremost concern of many
organizations, and in order to assure this security, methods and techniques
must be conceptualized for small enterprises both from a functional and
technical viewpoint. 

Recommended topics (but not limited to) include: 

-E-Commerce security 


-Smart Cards 

-Secure small distribution applications 

-Security of intelligent tokens 

-Methodologies for security of small to medium size enterprises 

-Methodologies and techniques for certification and accreditation 

-Evaluation of Information Security in companies 

-Information security surveys and case studies 

-International standards for Information Security Management 

Submission Types: 

Short briefing papers. Such papers need not be extensive. A technology or a
management briefing on an aspect of IS security would be enough. Such papers
will be presented in a round table discussion format. Typical length would
be around 1500-2000 words. 

Research papers. Such papers need to be extensive. Usually a research
question or an argument is posed and subsequently conducted. Empirical work
(quantitative or qualitative) would be necessary. Research papers will be
presented in a regular conference session. Typical length would be around
5000-6000 words. All research papers will be considered for publication in
the of Information System Security

Case Studies. Case studies are typically descriptions of a given security
situation. Names of organizations/actors can be kept anonymous to maintain
confidentiality. Typical length would be around 5000-6000 words. All case
studies will be considered for publication in the
Journal of Information System Security (JISSec) 

Panels. Panels and workshop proposals are welcome. These would typically be
around 1000 words long and cover a current technology or a controversial

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