ACM STC 2009
* Fourth Annual Workshop on Scalable Trusted Computing, 
  held in conjunction with ACM CCS, 
  Chicago, IL, USA, 
  Nov 13, 2009
  (submissions due June 24, 2009)*

Built on the continuous success of ACM STC'06, STC'07 and STC'08, this
workshop focuses on fundamental technologies of trusted computing (in a
broad sense, with or without TPMs) and its applications in large-scale
systems -- those involving large number of users and parties with varying
degrees of trust. The workshop is intended to serve as a forum for
researchers as well as practitioners to disseminate and discuss recent
advances and emerging issues.  The workshop solicits two types of original
papers (full papers and short papers).  Topics of interest include, but not
limited to

-- Enabling scalable trusted computing

   * better approaches to measurement management
   * better approaches to attestation
   * cryptographic support for trusted computing
   * architectural support for trusted computing
   * security policies and models of trusted computing

   * access control for trusted computing
   * architecture and implementation technologies for trusted platform
   * virtualization technology for trusted computing
   * establishing trust on software, users and services

   * intrusion tolerance/resilience in trusted computing
   * hardware-based approach to trusted computing
   * software-based approach to trusted computing
   * censorship-freeness in trusted computing
   * principles and technologies for handling scales

   * tackling complexity introduced by scalability
-- Applications of trusted computing
   * sustainable services based on trusted computing
   * trusted cloud computing
   * trusted embedded computing
   * killer applications of trusted computing

   * case study in trusted computing
   * scalable trust and services
   * large-scale trusted computing
-- Pushing the limits
   * limitations, alternatives and tradeoffs regarding trusted computing
   * realizing trustworthy computing via trusted computing

   * understanding expectedness of system properties
   * understanding system-level trust and trustworthiness
   * novel architectures for putting pieces together for STC

For further information, visit the call-for-papers at the workshop