Call for Papers
			      SSIRI 2010
		      Singapore, 9-11 June, 2010

Technical Co-Sponsor, IEEE Reliability Society

The Fourth IEEE International Conference on Secure Software
Integration and Reliability Improvement, SSIRI 2010, is the fourth
annual conference technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Reliability
Society with a focus on software security and reliability. It brings
together a wide range of researchers and practitioners to present
their on-going ideas, experiences, and outcomes of most recent
research, and to exchange their best-of-breed practices for developing
reliable, secure, and trustworthy software systems in a more effective
and efficient way. It not only allows the academic community to gain
an increased awareness of the areas that are vital to the software
industry, but it also grants practitioners an opportunity to express
their needs. The conference will be held at the National University of
Singapore with three major tracks: research papers, fast abstracts and
the student doctoral program. Additional workshops with more focused
topics will also be held concurrently.

 o   Security, Reliability, Availability, and Safety of Software Systems
 o   Software Integration
 o   Fault Tolerance for Software Reliability Improvement
 o   Methods and Theories
 o   Modeling, Prediction, Simulation, and Evaluation
 o   Automation and Tools
 o   Validation, Verification, and Testing
 o   Industry Best Practices
 o   Metrics, Measurements, and Analysis 
 o   Benchmark and Empirical Studies

 October 15, 2009:      Workshop proposals due
 February 10, 2010:     Student Doctoral Program due
 January 8, 2010:       Regular papers due
 February 10, 2010:     Fast Abstract Track due
 February 10, 2010:     Workshop papers due
 March 10, 2010:        Author notification
 April 1, 2010:         Camera-ready and author registration due

Submit original manuscripts (not published or considered elsewhere)
with a maximum of ten pages (regular paper), eight pages (workshop
paper), six pages (Student Doctoral Program), and two pages (Fast
Abstract Track). Each paper should include a title, and the name and
affiliation of each author. Except for the Fast Abstract Track, each
submission should also include a 150-word abstract and up to 6
keywords. The format of your submission must follow the guidelines for
IEEE conference proceedings. The first author of a Student Doctoral
Program submission must be a student. At least one Best Paper Award
will be presented by SSIRI 2010. Detailed instructions for electronic
paper submission and the review process can be found at

 o   General Chair      Jin Song Dong       National University of Singapore
 o   Program co-Chairs  Ravi K. Madipadaga  Siemens Corporate Technology, India
 o                      Jun Sun              National University of Singapore
 o                      Dianxiang Xu         Dakota State University

 o   W. Eric Wong (co-Chair)        University of Texas at Dallas       USA
 o   Sam Keene (co-Chair)           IEEE Reliability Society            USA
 o   Rajesh Subramanyan             Siemens Corporate Research          USA
 o   Fevzi Belli                    University of Paderborn             Germany
 o   Karama Kanoun                  LAAS-CNRS                           France


For more detailed and updated information, please refer to or contact: Professor W. Eric Wong,
co-Chair, Steering Committee, at and Professor Jin
Song Dong, General Chair, at