IEEE International Workshop on Security and Privacy 
of Mobile, Wireless and Sensor Networks 

9:00 am - 5:00pm,
June 23,2013 
Co-located with IEEE SECON 2013 in New Orleans, LA, USA 

To cope with the rapid increase in mobile users and the 
increasing demand for mobile, wireless and sensor 
networks (MWSNs), it is becoming imperative to provide 
the necessary security protocols and privacy guarantees to 
users of MWSNs. In turn, these specific demands in 
security and privacy require new methodologies that are 
specifically designed to cope with the strict requirements 
of the networks. In general, the real-world performance of 
MWSNs crucially depends on the selected protocols, and 
their suitability and efficiency for the layers of the 
implementation. A satisfactory security design and 
protocol are therefore crucial for the performance of 
MWSNs. It is a great challenge to achieve efficient and 
robust realizations of such highly dynamic and secure 
MWSNs. Moreover, the study of security and privacy in 
the context of MWSNs provides insights into problems 
and solutions that are orthogonal to programming 
languages, programming paradigms, computer hardware, 
and other aspects of the implementation. The objective for 
this workshop is to address those topics, which we believe 
will play an important role in current and future research 
on and education of MWSNs. 

The workshop will focus on, but not limited to, the 

following areas: 

 . Security models and architectures for MWSNs; 
 . Routing security in MWSNs; 
 . MWSNs topology control/node access control; 
 . Anonymity/authentication and application; 
 . Privacy and security models; 
 . Privacy-preserving systems; 
 . Security and verifiability in network protocols; 
 . Distributed systems security; 
 . Security and privacy policies; 
 . Intrusion detection; 
 . Case studies; 
 . Educational topics and courses. 

The workshop is planned for one day on June 23, 2013 
before the conference, with two keynote speeches, two 
technical sessions, and a concluding panel discussion. The 
keynote speeches will be delivered by two well-known 
researchers in the field. All submissions must describe 
original research, not published nor currently under review 
for another workshop, conference, or journal. All papers 
must be submitted electronically via the EDAS system: Papers must be no longer than 8 pages 

and in font size no smaller than 10 points. Detailed layout 
guidelines except the page length are the same as 
recommended in Submission 
implies the willingness of at least one author to attend the 
workshop and present the paper. Accepted papers will be 
included in the main proceedings of IEEE SECON 2013 
and published by IEEE. The presenter must register for the 
workshop before the deadline for author registration. The 
accepted papers will be compiled in the workshop 
proceedings as either a regular paper within 8 pages or a 
poster paper within 2 pages. A limited number of high 
quality submissions will be selected for publication in a 
special issue of the International Journal of Security 
and Networks. Reduced registration fees will be provided 
to selected participants through an NSF grant. 

Organizing Committee 
 . Wei Wayne Li (Texas Southern University) 
   Organizing Committee Chair 
 . Rakesh Verma (University of Houston) 
   Technical Program Committee Co-Chair 
 . Stephen Huang (University of Houston) 
   Website Chair 
 . Lila Ghemri (Texas Southern University) 
   Poster Session Chair 
 . M. Farrukh Khan (Texas Southern University) 
   Publicity Chair 
 . Shengli Yuan (University of Houston -Downtown) 
   Panel Session Chair 

Technical Program Committee 

 . Rakesh Verma (University of Houston), Co-Chair 
 . Sushil Jajodia (George Mason University), Co-Chair 
 . Attahiru Alfa (University of Manitoba) 
 . Serhan Dagtas (University of Arkansas) 
 . Michael Fang (University of Florida) 
 . Aaron D. Jaggard (Naval Research Laboratory) 
 . Jesus U. Quevedo (University of Wisconsin) 
 . Carol Taylor (East Washington University) 
 . Yang Xiao (University of Alabama) 
 . Jianhua Yang (Columbus State University) 
 . Aidong Zhang (State University of New York) 

Important Dates 
 . Paper Submission Deadline: March 22, 2013; 
 . Acceptance Notification: April 22, 2013; 
 . Camera Ready: May 1, 2013. 
 . For more information contact: Wei Wayne Li at or Rakesh Verma at