3rd Conference SPI - Security and Protection of Information
May 3-5, 2005, Brno, Czech Republic
Location of Conference: Administrative building, 2nd floor, Exhibition
centre "Veletrhy Brno", Vystaviste 1, 647 00 Brno.
Involved in special co-program of the 8th International Exhibition of
Defence and Security Technologies and Special Information Systems IDET


* Continuance in the tradition of exchanging knowledge and experiences on IT
security with participants from The Czech Republic and other countries and
from military, industry, science and academic areas, and tie into foregoing
conference in 2001 and 2003 years.
* Meet leadings world experts in the IT security area.
* Provide a wide forum for exchange of information. The open forum of the
conference is an excellent opportunity to establish contacts with colleagues
from different regions. The social program is therefore an important part of
the conference.


New Approaches to Security and Protection of Information
* security policy in government administration,
* security policies and NATO standards,
* development and application NATO standards in security,
* application of electronic signature and PKI,
* security of IT systems,
* personnel security and protection programs,
* administrative security, building security,
* technical security,
* industrial security.

Computer Network Security
* security threats,
* incident handling,
* hacker activities,
* TCP/IP protocol suite security,
* secure routing,
* secure directories, e-mail, DNS, and web security,
* firewalls, VPNs, intruder detection and prevention systems,
* secure programming,
* anti-virus programs.

Applied Cryptography
* applied cryptography,
* security applications of cryptography,
* cryptoanalysis,
* cryptographic algorithms, their design and implementation,
* modularity and re-use of critical components,
* acceptable risks of cryptographic security,
* cryptographic standards,
* cryptography and legislation,
* privacy enhancing technologies,
* provable security,
* other areas of cryptography.

Information Security in Military Environments
* multilevel system security,
* security policy, procedures and regulation,
* securing operating systems,
* technological questions of computer security,
* PKI in military environments,
* secure multicast conferencing,
* security problems of active networks,
* security problem scenarios,
* security education and training.

Abstract Submission: 15 January 2005
Author Notification: 15 February 2005
Final version due: 15 March 2005
Conference: 3-5 May 2005


Jaroslav Dockal, University of Defense, Czech Republic;
Daniel Cvrcek, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic;
Josef Kaderka, University of Defense, Czech Republic;
Herbert Leitold, Secure Information Technology Center, Austria;
Vashek Matyas, Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic;
Daniel Olejar, Comenius University, Slovak Republic;
Dimitrios N. Serpanos, University of Patras, Greece;
Arrigo Triulzi, Independent Security Consultant, Switzerland.

Further information may be found at the official web page of the
Conference at

Jaroslav Dockal
Conference Chair
University of Defense