IEEE SERVICES 2015 Visionary Track: Security and Privacy Engineering Theme
IEEE 5th International Workshop on Security and Privacy Engineering 
Co-located with IEEE 11th World Congress on Services (SERVICES 2015)
One day between June 27 and July 2, 2015, New York, NY, USA
Web page: http://sesar.di.unimi.it/SPE2015/


Built upon the success of spectrum of conferences within the IEEE World 
Congress on Services and the Security and Privacy Engineering workshop, 
IEEE Security and Privacy Engineering (SPE 2015) theme is a unique place 
to exchange ideas of engineering secure systems in the context of 
service computing, cloud computing, and big data analytics. The emphasis 
on engineering in security and privacy of services differentiates the 
theme from other traditional prestigious security and privacy workshops, 
symposiums, and conferences. The practicality and value realization are 
examined by practitioners from leading industries as well as scientists 
from academia.

In line with the engineering spirit, we solicit original papers 
presenting real solutions and visions on building secure service systems 
that can be applied to government procurement, digital medical records, 
cloud environments, social networking for business purposes, multimedia 
application, mobile commerce, education, and the like. Potential 
contributions could cover, but are not limited to, methodologies, 
protocols, tools, or verification and validation techniques. We also 
welcome review papers that analyze critically the status of current 
Security and Privacy (S&P) in a specific area. Papers from practitioners 
who encounter security and privacy problems and seek understanding are 
also welcome.

Topics of interests of SPE 2015 include, but are not limited to:

- S&P Engineering of Service-Based Applications
- Security Engineering of Service Compositions
- Practical Approaches to Security Engineering of Services
- Privacy-Aware Service Engineering
- Industrial and Real Use Cases in S&P Engineering of (Cloud) Services
- S&P Engineering of Cloud Services
- Auditing and Assessment
- Assurance and Certification
- Cloud Transparency
- Security Management and Governance
- Privacy Enforcement in Clouds and Services
- Cybersecurity Issues of Clouds and Services
- Validation and Verification of S&P in Clouds and Services
- Applied Cryptography for S&P in Clouds and Services
- S&P Testing in Clouds and Services
- Security and Privacy Modeling
- Socio-Economics and Compliance
- Education and Awareness
- Big Data S&P Engineering
- Mobile Cloud S&P Engineering
- S&P Engineering into futuristic blue skies

Important Dates

- Full Paper Submission Due Date: April 14th, 2015 (Extended Deadline)
- Decision Notification (Electronic): April 24th, 2015
- Camera-Ready Copy Due Date & Pre-registration Due: May 1st, 2015

Paper Submission

Authors are invited to submit full papers (about 8 pages) or short 
papers (about 4 pages) as per IEEE 8.5 x 11 manuscript guidelines 
(download templates at 
http://www.thecloudcomputing.org/2015/IEEECS_CPS_8.5x11x2.zip or 
The submitted papers can only be in the format of PDF or WORD. Please 
follow the IEEE Computer Society Press Proceedings Author Guidelines to 
prepare your papers, respectively. At least one author of each accepted 
paper is required to attend the conference associated with the theme and 
present the paper. All papers must be submitted via the confhub 
submission system
(http://confhub.com/MyPapers.php?cid=386) for the SPE theme.

First time users need to register with the system first (see 
instructions at http://www.servicescongress.org/2015/submission.html for 
details). All the accepted papers by the themes will be included in the 
Proceedings of the IEEE 11th World Congress on Services (SERVICES 2015) 
which will be published by IEEE Computer Society.

Theme Chairs

- Claudio Agostino Ardagna, Università degli studi di Milano, Italy, 
- Meiko Jensen, Independent Centre for Privacy Protection 
Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, Meiko.Jensen-AT-rub.de
- Miguel Vargas Martin, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, 
Canada, Miguel.VargasMartin-AT-uoit.ca

Steering Committee

- Zhixiong Chen, Mercy College, NY, USA
- Ernesto Damiani, Università degli studi di Milano, Italy
- Patrick Hung, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada

Program Committee

- Marco Anisetti, Università degli studi di Milano, Italy
- Rasool Asal, Etisalat BT Innovation Centre, UAE
- Bud Brügger, Fraunhofer IAO, Germany
- Mauro Conti, University of Padua, Italy
- Quiang Duan, Penn State at Abington, USA
- Massimo Felici, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, USA
- Eduardo Fernandez, Florida Atlantic University, USA
- William M. Fitzgerald, EMC Information Systems International, Ireland
- Christopher Frenz, Director of IT Infrastructure at Interfaith Medical 
Center, USA
- Lothar Fritsch, Norwegian Computing Centre, Norway
- Atsuhiro Goto, Institute of Information Security, Japan
- Tyrone Grandison, IBM Research, Almaden, USA
- Nils Gruschka, University of Applied Sciences Kiel, Germany
- Marit Hansen, Independent Centre for Privacy Protection 
Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
- Luigi Lo Iacono, University of Applied Sciences Cologne, Germany
- Florian Kerschbaum, SAP, Germany
- Sebastian Mödersheim, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark
- Gregory Neven, IBM Research, Switzerland
- George Spanoudakis, City University of London, UK
- Jong Yoon, Mercy College, USA

Publicity Chair

- Filippo Gaudenzi, Università degli studi di Milano, Italy

More information available at http://sesar.di.unimi.it/SPE2015/