31st IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy - Call For Papers

    16-19 May 2010, The Claremont Resort, Oakland, CA 

    Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society 
         Technical Committee of Security and Privacy

Important Dates (all deadlines are 23:59 PST)

    Workshop proposals due: Friday, 21 August 2009
    Research papers due: Wednesday, 18 Nov 2009
    Systematization of Knowledge papers due: Tuesday, 24 Nov 2009
    Acceptance notification: 1 February 2010
    Final papers due: 1 March 2010

Since 1980, the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy has been the
premier forum for computer security research, presenting the latest
developments and bringing together researchers and practitioners.

We solicit previously unpublished papers offering novel research
contributions in any aspect of computer security or privacy. Papers may
present advances in the theory, design, implementation, analysis,
verification, or empirical evaluation of secure systems.  S&P is
interested in all aspects of computer security and privacy.  Papers
without a clear application to security or privacy, however, will be
considered out of scope and may be rejected without full review.

*Systematization of Knowledge Papers*.  In addition to the standard
research papers, we are also soliciting papers focused on
systematization of knowledge. The goal of this call is to encourage work
that evaluates, systematizes, and contextualizes existing knowledge.
These papers will provide a high value to our community but would
otherwise not be accepted because they lack novel research
contributions. Suitable papers include survey papers that provide useful
perspectives on major research areas, papers that support or challenge
long-held beliefs with compelling evidence, or papers that provide an
extensive and realistic evaluation of competing approaches to solving
specific problems. Submissions will be distinguished by a checkbox on
the submission form. They will be reviewed by the full PC and held to
the same standards as traditional research papers, except instead of
emphasizing novel research contributions the emphasis will be on value
to the community. Accepted papers will be presented at the symposium and
included in the proceedings.

*Workshops*.  The Symposium is also soliciting submissions for colocated
workshops.  Workshop proposals should be sent by Friday, 21 August 2009
by email to Carrie Gates (carrie.gates@ca.com).  Workshops may be
half-day or full-day in length.  Submissions should include the workshop
title, a short description of the topic of the workshop, and biographies
of the organizers.

See the full CFP at
for more information including detailed submission instructions.